May 16, 2007

The Desperation to Force Unconstitutional Gambling to Increase State Tax Revenues

In gambling, the "House always wins", and the public should see just how the State is greedy to make everyone "pay through the nose" to accomplish their goal and expand their dirty habit from Lottery to Table Games of defrauding the gullible and naive public. When the government plays the House the society it governs loses and its judicial grounds are corrupted.

The propaganda lately and sheer desperate madness of people like republicans Mayor Danny Jones and Kanawha County Commissioner Kent Carper to use all means available, even breaking constitutional and lesser laws, and spending taxpayers money to advertise and propagandize it all (how is that legal?), which benefits the local media through advertising revenues, under the guise of "tourism" and "economic pragmatism" demonstrates the gross corruption and deliberate COLLUSION being used to force table games for the gambling industry. Indeed, Carper could be called the County "Ommissioner", in that he wanted to Omit the legal requirement of 30 day legal advertising notification that was as plain as the nose on his face. Does that not demonstrate just how desperate they all are? (Yet they demand "click it or ticket" and pretend to make driving a "privilege" not right, and setup cameras everywhere to watch the public and want to tell ATV owners how and where to ride). How can West Virginians respect a government that breaks and tramples its own Constitution and laws?

It is no time to mince words, or be too respectful, with those entrusted with public office who trample the laws of the state themselves, a form of anarchy by government. And how dare anyone call them immoral for doing so, by using even forceful political tactics and craft, to expand the corruption of the State, as if there are no social, moral or government consequences that are negative! After all, the hypocritical state would still have gambling illegal--except when they share "a piece of the action" to share its revenues "for the good of all"! That West Virginia government is already itself addicted to gambling is observable by their own desperation to increase it.

Does everyone see just how desperate and determined "the powers that be" are to expand state-sponsored gambling in West Virginia? Eager to wager their souls on the deceitful idol of Economic Pragmatism, the majority in state and local governments, the subtle Governor, and the cunning Lottery Commission, are waging open warfare to force gambling-based taxation down the public's throat, choking us with tax-payer funded media advertising and pure propaganda to influence a vote on something the ammended Constitution clearly forbids, while the Supreme Court obstructs hearing the complaint that should render the elections void!

Injunctions should be filed whenever the government violates the State Constitution or laws, and a relentless pursuit of justice to prohibit what the constitution plainly forbids (in any matter whatsoever) should be done without wavering, while also keeping an eye on the shifty Supreme Court themselves, whose actions (or lack) are thus far suspicious.

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Again, here is the plain verdict on that the ammendment of the Constitution permitting "lotteries" does not permit table or parlor games, irregardless of who owns or operates them, by WVU Law Professor and expert on the West Virginia Constitution, Bob Bastress.