May 18, 2007

The History of Gas and Crude Prices tied to Middle East Wars

Click on this chart see see hard factual analysis. As long as the U.S. entangles itself in the Middle East in wars contrary to the principles of the Christian doctrines of "Just War" (i.e. in self-defense alone) Americans will bear this virtual WAR TAX at the pumps. Unjust government policy has its consequences, and this is just one of them, that you must pay for heeding lies. You are paying for "supporting our troops" in an unjust war daily. It is not even Memorial Day, or summer yet! Watch prices soar even higher.

And yes, we are proven right, that oil crude prices were LOWERED DURING THE 2006 election period, and rose after that! But how short everyone's memory truly is.

The assertions made to the column on the right, particularly that the INDUSTRY HAS DELIBERATELY REDUCED REFINERY CAPACITY TO MAXIMIZE PROFITS WHICH HAS INFLATED PRICING DUE TO SQUEEZE ON SUPPLY, should be noted as the testimony before Congress (of poor quality) plays: