May 5, 2007

MSNBC Debate Poll: Ron Paul Leads "top 3" candidates!

The Media is lying, saying Romney "won" the debate or gained most! It is clear the media's role is to MARGINALIZE Ron Paul--who is leading the poll! So what do they base their announcement on? Nothing! But you will not read this in any AP headlines or national news:

Ron Paul attracted most positive points from MSNBC poll viewers! (Its not too late for you to vote). If you vote with plus and minus and "submit" you can see the results.

REVISED: MSNBC has new poll, Ron Paul clearly marks win at California debate (click here)


Romney 29%
Guliani 26%
McCain 20%

BY THESE RESULTS RON PAUL WON! See for yourself, for the papers and networks will not tell you.

[results above were at about 2am May 5th]

It is quite obvious and noticeable that the media and republican establishment are afraid of Ron Paul because he tells it straight, and proves them to be anti-constitutional, opposing the "powers that be", even threatening the corrupt tax and monetary system. Yet he articulates more of what Ronald Reagan also state that made him so popular in his campaigning (though in office he did not carry out what he stated about limited government) than any other candidate on the platform.

Joseph Sobran so aptly describes why Paul is such a maverick and non-conformist, it is because he takes the Constitution as law:

In essence, Paul appeals to that subversive document, the U.S. Constitution, long since abandoned by both major parties, not to mention the U.S. Supreme Court. He tests every proposed law by asking whether it exercises a power authorized by the Constitution. The answer is seldom yes.

Here is another clip more directly and freely expressing his view of present foreign policy and the war in Iraq. Call it Paul "unleashed":