Jan 7, 2008

The CIA Created Al Qaeda, U.S. is Fighting American Trained Islamists

Read the entire article which traces the path through investigative articles relying primarily on the relationship between the former head of the CIA "Bin Laden Unit" (now closed), from his own book, with bin Laden himself (who is has been dead awhile) .

Agent provocateurs are used to provoke incite and start conflicts for political ends. The CIA's hand in developing what they later labeled Al Qaeda (and bin Laden himself was a former CIA asset) is a classic case of creating an enemy, training them covertly, then, as with Saddam in Iraq, turning the tables and justifying war against them. Pakistan also played an important role in this.
Osama and the CIA sponsored "War on Terrorism": Americans are being killed by American trained Islamists

There you have it, Ali, a CIA double-agent, was key to bringing the camps run by bin Laden up to American standards for paramilitary training. He also gave bin Laden's agents access to top secret intelligence which he had access to in the Army, while in the employ of the FBI, he was also working for the CIA to improve the lethality of al Qaida. The hidden hand of the CIA is becoming visible in every step that America has taken over the years to create a believable new enemy for us, in the form of international Islamist extremism, to replace the Soviet bogeyman that the damned mujahedeen we trained so well took from us.

The CIA plot to create a credible enemy that would fight against US Army and Marine troops has started to bear fruit. Their plan is working,
this may prove to be the elusive path to world war III that Cheney and the neocons have been frantically searching for