Jan 14, 2008

Neocon Crackpot: James Woolsey, Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind

One of the chief members of several neoconservative think tanks, including the Project for New American Century, and among the chief of the Jewish Zionists that brought you the deliberate lies and disinformation to justify the Iraq War (while pushing for war against Lebanon, Syria, and Iran as well), is the former CIA chief James Woolsey. Neoconservative associates of his (e.g. Bridget Gabriel, Frank Gaffney) are frequently interviewed on local WCHS 58Live talk radio by Michael Agnello as "terrorism experts" selling the same paranoid propaganda to justify wars and tyrannical domestic security measures and anti-Constitutional legislation. This Digg story shows another dimension of James Woolsey, and just how credibly they should be regarded, that will take you to the "outer limits" of reason.

Just more evidence that psychopathy and fanaticism are more behind the neoconservative "experts" than 9/11 "truthers" frequently labeled as "kooks". Read this article and see just who is really kooky!

A good discussion of how James Woolsey is a neoconservative crackpot and disinformation specialist. It's scary that this guy was able to secure high ranking political appointments within the intelligence and defense establishment.... when President Clinton appointed Woolsey to head the CIA in 1993, the new director of Central Intelligence immediately tasked senior officers with combing the files to ferret out secret information about flying saucers and extraterrestrials.

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Neocon James Woolsey, PNAC Member, Fingers Iraq after 9/11