Jan 14, 2008

Jefferson County Elects Majority of Ron Paul Delegates to WV GOP Convention

Jefferson County at-large delegates for the West Virginia GOP convention were finalized in an election Saturday, and the majority of delegates chosen were for Ron Paul.

Change for West Virginia is in the air, and this maverick, plain-speaking tax payers' friend for limited, Constitutional government is leading a revolutionary movement to change the course of Washington and take back the republican party from the neoconservatives.

This is a key political area, the heart of the West Virginia eastern panhandle, and could be a bellwether of things to come state-wide.

The West Virginia GOP establishment appears to favor Romney, but the leadership appear divided between him, Fred Thompson, and even the New York former democrat Rudolph Giuliani. Senator Vic Sprouse, for example supports and is a delegate for Giuliani, Daily Mail columnist and blogger Don Surber favors Thompson, while the GOP chair favors Romney.

It should be noted that a majority of at-large delegates state wide were uncommitted prior to the county elections. How many uncommitted delegates are elected for the convention could change the dynamic of the Feb. 5th GOP convention considerably, including candidate appearances.
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Area Republicans elect delegates

CHARLES TOWN — Jefferson County Republicans voted Saturday at the Charles Town Library for 17 of the 32 delegates who will represent county party-members on Feb. 5 at the state Republican convention.
In Charleston, delegates from each county of the state will select two-thirds of the delegates to represent West Virginia at the Republican National Convention in September when the Republican candidate for president will be selected. The remaining one-third of delegates to the RNC will be selected May 13 during the West Virginia primary election.
Presidential hopeful Ron Paul was the apparent beneficiary of Saturday’s election. Seventeen of the 30 candidates for Jefferson County delegates have already committed to giving their first round of votes in Charleston to delegates who have committed to support Paul at the RNC. No other presidential candidate has more than three of the possible county delegates committed to him or her.