Jan 18, 2008

LA Times: Ron Paul Beats Fred and Rudy--Again!

Do recall that the Charleston Daily Mail conducted a poll for republican Presidential elections back in late spring, online, where they also listed Fred Thompson as a candidate, even though he had not declared, and excluded Ron Paul. The Daily Mail should now have their hat in hand.

As for basing everything on national polls, that has now proven erroneous since Iowa, New Hampshire, and Michigan primaries. Don Surber's and Vic Sprouse's candidates, Thompson and Giuliani, respectively, are not doing as well as Ron Paul whom everyone wrote off as not standing a chance. In case you missed it, here are the Michigan results again:
Mitt Romney: 39%
John McCain: 30%
Mike Huckabee: 16%
Ron Paul: 6%
Fred Thompson: 4%
Rudy Giuliani: 3%

Fred Thompson was soundly defeated (almost last with 3 percent) by republican voters in New Hampshire, while Paul and Giuliani about tied.

Could it be that the republican establishment is completely out of touch with the electorate? Could it be that the party has pushed top down on issues so long, that they have failed to hear what traditional conservatives, whom the neoconservatives usurped, are complaining about? Yes, it could very well be, and it is not a surprise to many of us, the disenfranchised.

BOTH parties have trampled the Constitution, which is precisely what partisan politics always does to the
law--bending, twisting, and circumventing it for their own pleasure. This is what Americans are angry about, and want to recover the legitimate and limited government that was originally established. The republican party is as self-blinded as the democrats when it comes to seeing reality beyond their establishment orientation. Post-9/11 government by the neoconservatives in particular made it clear just what kind of new tyranny is being erected under the guise of "defending freedom", and provoked traditional conservatives, as well as classic liberal and libertarians, to react strongly and wield the Constitution against it.

America's new government needs more than just a makeover or professed "change". What is required now is a revolution, actually a counter-revolution to restore its original form and restraints, both the States and people respectively. Ron Paul is the only real candidate of substantive "change", and change for the better. Cal Thomas said the same recently:

"Mike Huckabee... sounds like a big government Republican. The only one behaving like a real Republican is Ron Paul, who actually wants to cut spending and get government out of our lives. He won't win the nomination because too many Republican are into handouts and restribution, just like Democrats.

"It's a sad political season if you are a conservative... Maybe a miracle will happen and Republicans will start behaving like Republicans again."

Read all of his comments here.

Ron Paul, Dr. No-body, beats Rudy and Fred -- again

Well, he's hanging in there. Not only that, but Rep. Ron Paul thumped two reputed Republican heavyweights in the Michigan primary -- former Sen. Fred Thompson of Tennessee and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Giuliani, you may recall if you can remember anything as distant as last summer, was the longtime GOP national front-runner in polls.
But guess what? Ron Paul, the 72-year-old Texas congressman and ob-gyn who delivers babies and a strict view of the Constitution, beat Giuliani in Michigan. And beat him good.
Paul even beat Thompson this time, the real consistent conservative who was supposed to be the next Ronald Reagan until he actually announced his campaign in September.
Richard Viguerie, the noted conservative author, announced he's launching a website to support Paul. Viguerie called Paul "truly a principled conservative in the grand tradition of Robert Taft, Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan."