Apr 3, 2008

Obama, The Secret Six, and Black Liberation Theology--Civil War Continues

Obama has come under closer scrutiny due to his close association with, and membership in the church of, his pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright who teaches what is being exposed as radical Black Liberation Theology.

A greater in depth look at the history of what is now called Black Liberation Theology has its roots and foundation in the original promoters of radical Abolitionism to end slave-holding, led by the Secret Six (see the book in Bookstore at bottom of blog) and the insane terrorist madman named John Brown, who advocated and did murder innocent whites families (including women and children) and raided the Federal Armory in Harpers Ferry (now West Virginia) in attempt to lead an Insurrection. (John Browns execution for treason was attended by both Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, a kind of foreshadowing of the bloody conflict to come). This nakedly is what "liberation" in these radical minds is all about, i.e. social upheaval and revolution. It was this radical minority of Marxist terrorists that fueled a needless "Civil War", which cost over 600,000 lives (more than all US wars combined). Dishonest "Abraham" Lincoln (joining the radical "Red Republicans") promoted such Insurrection (as historians interpret it) in his Emancipation Proclamation which encouraged slaves to rise up and murder in the South with impunity, (while he admitted he had "no authority" to set free any slaves). Then "Martin Luther King", who painted himself as "Moses", leading the "children into the promised land" (of communist Utopianism, through trespassing, insurrection and revolution) continued what the radical Abolitionist terrorists left unfinished. (May we not exercise our right to "free inquiry" and "liberty of conscience" about these so-called "great men" today without being branded as "racists" by the politically-correct Inquisition?)

The Abolition movement of the communists and Red Republicans led to the Feminism and further insurrection in the so-called "Civil Rights" movement (that was neither Civil nor Right), and continues to promote a radical socialist and communist agenda that pushes government toward Collectivist policies, including taxation and welfare. Its radical roots reveals its true character.

When will Americans, resisting the power of coercive political-correctness, be willing to study and discuss this and be willing to trace it all to its core in Abolitionism, and its natural successor Feminism? Marxist revolutionary communism entered
America in 1861 and seeks further revolution today under Black Liberation theology and the socialist agenda within the government since Reconstruction.

See also the article, The Marxist Roots of Black Liberation Theology, whose author (a black theologian from Covenant Theological Seminary) was interviewed today on 58Live by Michael Agnello on WCHS talk radio. Also we highly recommend the book The Real Lincoln, also in the bookstore at the bottom of the blog.

clipped from www.law.umkc.edu
The Trial of John Brown: The Secret Six

Theodore Parker

Liberal Transcendentalist Boston minister Theodore Parker was a strong supporter of Slave revolts, women's rights, temperance, and prison reform. His radicalism fueled by enactment of the Fugitive Slave Act, Parker participated in attempted rescues of fugitive slaves and formed a vigilance committee in Boston to fight those seeking to capture fugitive slaves. Parker wrote at the time of the Harper's Ferry attack, "One held against his will as a slave has a natural right to kill everyone who seeks to prevent his enjoyment of liberty."

Dr. Samuel Gridley Howe
Thomas Wentworth Higginson

Franklin Sanborn
Sanborn first provided money, arms, and books for Brown's activities in
Kansas, then later at Harper's Ferry.

Gerrit Smith
He became so fearful that his connections to Brown would be
exposed that he spent time in a lunatic asylum.
George Luther Stearns
Stearns hosted "the John Brown party" to celebrate the
Emancipation Proclamation