Apr 28, 2008

Syria's Nuclear Program Intel Faked; Welcome to Neocon Studios

Welcome to Neocon Studios: Another production from those who brought you the Iraq War. The editor's notes at start set the stage as the author traces it through.

Allegedly US and Israel struck Syria with war planes a while back claiming it was a nuclear weapons program targeted and tied to North Korea. The intelligence, compiled by none other than Israel, has now been released. The evidence just happens to be "fixed around the policy" to go to war, just like Iraq, and before Bush's term is out.

Syria has denied the report here: Syrian envoy says CIA fabricated evidence. More on the official intelligence presentation here.

The propaganda coming from Israel and the neoconservative administration should be all too familiar and therefore considered with a skeptic's eye:

"There is no doubt that Saddam has amassed weapons of mass destruction...."

--Vice Pres. Dick Cheney, member Project for New American Century

The "Syrian Reactor Show" - a Fake?

Global Research Editor's Note

The following article, which includes photographic material, focuses on the inconsistencies regarding an alleged US "document" about Syria's nuclear efforts. The format and style bears a canny resemblance to that presented to the UN Security Council in February 2003, regarding Iraq alleged weapons of mass destruction. The Powell presentation was based on fake material and fabricated intelligence.

Washington intends to use the Syria document to fabricate a WMD threat emanating from Syria.

The presentation is an elaborate information operation. If one sees it only once and is not really concentrated it is even convincing. But if you analyze it you will find that it jumps in time and space and adds stuff in animations and graphics that are not supported in the photographed evidence.

this isn't only a photograph. The "windows" and lines on the facade are much finer than other details of the quite blurry picture.

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