Apr 16, 2008

REAL ID: Idaho Rejects, Missouri House Opposes, SC Governor Publicly Renounces--While Manchin Holds West Virginians Hostage

More wise States (but not including West Virginia, being held captive by Manchin and the head of DMV) are moving against REAL ID despite the phony "extensions" (measures to coerce compliance) from the Dept. of Homeland Tyranny. Most people, however, are still too ignorant about the issue of what really goes on at DMV (becoming federalized Gestapo outposts) when they are "processed" for their innocent looking drivers license. For when that occurs an entire biometric and data-mining system is then established on them (yes, "free citizens" pre-booked like arrested criminals), including the process of linking of their ID to foreign governments (i.e. Canada and Mexico. Yes, when you cross the border Canadian customs can pull your entire personal record, including occupation, up on their screen, courtesy of the federalized DMV). Meanwhile, the security merchandisers (like Viisage, contracted with West Virginia DMV, apart from legislative or judicial oversight with new privacy invasions) are making a killing, using your tax dollars, at the expense of your personal liberties! Manchin government is more than willing to have the latest hi-tech, privacy-killing, tyrannical ID system to tag, track, and monitor you, and of course have you pay for it under the guise of "public safety". It is more than just West Virginia's official slogan of "Mountaineers are always free" that has been set aside. It is the very constitution and laws defending that which are being abandoned which prevent an intrusive, liberty-killing, over-powerful government that claims the people are its property and tags them like sheep.

People need to read so here is some help. Do not miss Washington Times commentary ("REAL ID Side Effects) below from Gov. Mark Sanford (R - South Carolina), who writes this, which is similar to the position in previous SB248 (the bi-partisan West Virginia senate bill against REAL ID) which got buried by the Governor's minions:

Our greatest homeland security is liberty, and the Founding Fathers believed our greatest threat to liberty was a central government grown too powerful. Accordingly, they set up checks on federal power by vesting authority at the individual and state levels.

REAL ID disrupts this delicate balance of power in two ways. First, it turns the Founders' logic on its head by forcing states to act as agents for the federal government in creating a national ID card for federal purposes. Needing a REAL ID to board a plane or enter a federal building would also change the balance of power in something as seemingly insignificant as a visit to a member of Congress.

Too bad Gov. Manchin is not like this (as he worked to block passage of the anti-REAL ID bill in the House), despite that he swore to "defend and uphold the Constitution" (both State and Federal) upon entry to office! Manchin is either grossly ignorant or willingly defiant of the Constitution, bowing to the federal plea of "necessity". Democrat and republican voters alike should mark his constitutional violation well, which has occurred frequently behind warm smiles.

Along with the articles about Idaho now joining the growing list of anti-REAL ID states, and Missouri on the brink (as well as California), do not miss the blog article from Reasonable Citizen ("Making States Submit to Federal Authority"), who makes a strong case against REAL ID, including this good observation:
"The 9/11 Commission could have said: 'The States must set standards for drivers licenses and other forms of identification.' But, no, they decided that only the Federal government could set standards and then force the States to comply.... Why is the Federal government forcing this upon people? Because they know that nobody wants a Federal ID system. Nobody.... By forcing the States to do something at a local level, the Federal government can create a Federal ID system without taking any of the heat."

Idaho Joins the Ranks of the Anti-Real ID States
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