Sep 21, 2007

Conservative Pastor: "GIULIANI IS EVERYONE'S WORST NIGHTMARE"; Giuliani's Dance Before the NRA

"Nothing is more essential to the establishment of manners in a State than that all persons employed in places of power and trust be men of unexceptionable characters. The public cannot be too curious concerning the character of public men."

-- Samuel Adams

Make no mistake, Giuliani is not a conservative, but a neoconservative sycophant and a fascist, who will not uphold the Constitution of the United States, but usurp and overthrow it entirely using Executive "unitary" powers in a New York minute. Very liberal indeed. Amazingly, as far as his personal life, suddenly the most open critics of Bill Clinton have nothing to say or have become open apologists and pragmatists (including 58Live's Michael Agnello) brushing off Giuliani's "serial adultery" as if it has no bearing on principle, ethics, or trustworthiness, or an indicator of possibly also breaking trust or covenant with the American people. DOES CHARACTER MEAN NOTHING--even to "conservatives"? Besides, who wants a sometimes cross-dressing, pro-homosexual, lisping, Yankee Roman Catholic from New York City to represent America? Ethics and character, even religious beliefs(*), are subject to public review for they all reflect upon the mind and character of the man. This will just scratch the surface of Giuliani's character and positions, there are many more alarming connections and secret alliances, and business deals, that deserve public attention as well. (See Devvy Kidd's article for example, Rudy Rasputin Giuliani & Florida Anthrax).

(* Note on religion: Yes, if a man is a Mormon, Jewish or any other sect, his particular form and doctrine of religion, even of Christianity, can be weighed in the balance of private judgment as well, for belief is the mother of actions, and "faiths" are not all the same. Contrary to popular discussion "all faiths" do not make a man "moral", they only paint and white-wash the surface, often as public posturing. Recall that McCain, always Anglican, now claims to be an unbaptized "Baptist", which also raises questions of honesty. There is strong historical precedent from Colonial and early America as to why Roman Catholics in particular were shunned from being in positions of authority, considering that religious freedom of Baptists and Presbyterians in particular, as well as the Deist founders, were persecuted the most by that tyrannical and crusading "faith", which is why early America was almost exclusively Protestant. Catholicism historically has been a key element in Fascism--i.e. Nazi Germany and Italy--as well as other Inquisitional governments. This is NOT to suggest that candidates should be judged by denomination or outward profession alone ("no religious test of office"), which would be foolish and naive, for George W. Bush made plenty of outward profession inconsistent with his moral positions, doctrines, principles and behavior, which some of us observed from the start, but which the "religious right" fell for stupidly hook, line, and sinker, precisely per the crafty Rove's strategy to hoodwink a large voting block. Nothing is more deceitful and morally corrupt than flying "Christian" colors to get elected when it is pure craft and hypocrisy! Nothing is more antithetical to real Christian doctrine that "lying lips" or "feet that make haste to shed innocent blood" (e.g. 655,000 Iraqis), under the guise of "disarming a dictator" in a foreign country that poses no imminent threat. There is a Christian doctrine of "just war", historically believed and taught by Protestant reformers, contrary to Roman Catholicism's Crusades, that limits wars strictly within biblical principles--a "forgotten" and lost doctrine that Ron Paul has mentioned in debates as "America's greatest moral crisis". Unjust war is as murderous as abortion, even more so since it kills the already living, including women and children. Reformed and Calvinistic Christians in particular have increasingly been re-awakened to this lost doctrine and truth and as staunch paleo-conservatives are condemning the lies and propaganda of the neoconservatives' agenda, which planned these wars in advance, implementing them by Machiavellian craft).

As far as his political track record it's amazing how he can mention an oath to the constitution in one breath, but immediately forget it when suggesting policy. Oh yes, and he just "redefined" his position on the 2nd amendment before the National Rifle Association (NRA)! Words and promises are easily spoken during campaigns, but trust must be earned, and history is the best predictor of the future (something Willard Milton Romney is fighting as well).

He may have fooled some at the National Rifle Association, but here is what Gun Owners of America ("the only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington"--Ron Paul) posted about Giuliani's gun record that no real West Virginia conservative would approve of:

Apparently, in Giuliani's America law-abiding citizens in large cities would not enjoy the same constitutional liberties as the rest of the country. Why? Are city dwellers not as trustworthy as country folks? Are metro-Americans not deserving of the right to self-protection?

Disarming citizens because they live in a high crime area is taking away the most effective means of self-defense from the people who need it most. Creating mandatory victims is no way to fight a crime problem.1

If Giuliani's gun control agenda was really limited 'only' to big cities, that would be disturbing enough. But the record shows that the Mayor continually tried to export his gun control agenda to the rest of the nation.

The new Giuliani of state's rights simply does not square with the Mayor of the '90s.

In 1993, before even being sworn in as mayor, Giuliani met with then-President Clinton at the White House to discuss national gun registration. Giuliani supported the Brady bill, which had recently passed, but argued that it didn't go far enough....

...This flirtation with federalism [i.e. his claim of "reform" to states rights] is merely a facade, however, for in the recent interview with Sean Hannity, Giuliani assured gun owners that he supports only gun control laws that are "reasonable and sensible." He then went on to defend his support of the Brady bill and the semi-auto ban, which are neither.

Fred Thompson has drawn attention to Giuliani's position on this, the conservative Fred Barnes called him "anti-gun" in a forum, and the neoconservative agenda appears to include disarming us (see our article about Gun Owners of America on the candidates), as much as trampling the rest of the Bill of Rights. What would Patrick Henry say to that?

Whatever Rudolph means when he talks about "rule of law" he is not referring to Constitutional rule of law, but one of pure, arbitrary force under the tyrant's plea of "safety and security". Giuliani's track record cannot be hidden, so look at it and remember that Patrick Henry said, "I do not know any other way to predict the future than by the past". We do not need Giuliani to "keep us safe from terrorists", a vague threat that does not hold up to the evidence but has served well a neoconservative tyrannical agenda to overthrow the Constitution, which defines our freedoms. Only a RINO would support Rudolph Giuliani.

"This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilised nation has full gun registration! Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!"

-- Adolph Hitler

If Giuliani gets elected, "keep your powder dry".


He is a nightmare for conservatives, Christians, independents, constitutionalists, and for people the world over. Furthermore, Rudy Giuliani is a threat to freedom, constitutional government, the rule of law, traditional morality, and to national sovereignty and independence. As I said, Rudy Giuliani is everyone's worst nightmare.

-- Pastor Chuck Baldwin


By Pastor Chuck Baldwin

September 21, 2007

Former New York City Mayor and Republican Presidential contender Rudy Giuliani said this week that he was "liberals' worst nightmare." However, the truth is, Rudy Giuliani is everyone's worst nightmare.

That Rudy Giuliani is currently trying to cast himself as a conservative is beyond laughable--it is hilarious. This is a man who is unabashedly pro-abortion. He has been seen walking down Fifth Avenue with thousands of homosexuals demanding "gay rights." He himself is a cross-dresser. He has had numerous marriages and only God knows how many sexual affairs. He has been one of the country's most radical proponents of gun control. He made New York a sanctuary city for illegal aliens and is a strong proponent of amnesty for illegal aliens. As a prosecutor, his abuse of power and disregard for law are legendary. [Read]

In addition, Rudy Giuliani is a senior partner in the law firm that "represents CITGO, the oil company controlled by Venezuela's anti-American and terrorist-supporting ruler Hugo Chavez." Giuliani's law firm also acts "as the exclusive legal counsel for Cintra, the Spanish firm that has been granted the right to operate a toll road in the Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC) project."

(Please read Cliff Kincaid's entire column for more on Giuliani's shady and untoward activities)

Yes, my friends, the umbilical cord connecting the SPP, NAFTA Superhighway and burgeoning North American Union is also connected to Rudy Giuliani.

Yet, Rudy Giuliani wants people to believe that he is "liberals' worst nightmare"? Who is he kidding? Giuliani is a liberal. Actually, Rudy Giuliani is worse than a liberal. He is a liberal that likes to hurt people. I tell you the truth, Rudy Giuliani scares me far more than Hillary Clinton does. Far more. I'll say it right here: if the 2008 Presidential election comes down to Hillary vs. Giuliani, Hillary is the "lesser of two evils." That's how bad Giuliani is.

Any Christian who would vote for Rudy Giuliani needs to check out his or her salvation. And before a conservative could vote for Giuliani, he would have to surrender every conviction and principle he ever held.

As for the Republican Party, if it nominates Rudy Giuliani as its Presidential candidate next year, conservatism will be forever vanquished from the Party. George W. Bush has already just about destroyed conservatism within the GOP. A Giuliani nomination would finish the job.

Rudy Giuliani likes to paint himself as being tough on terrorism. The truth is, Rudy Giuliani is a warmonger. A Giuliani Presidency would mean an expansion of military interventionism and preemptive war like you can't imagine. One can call me what one wants, but I am warning the American people, just as Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Martin Niemoller tried to warn the German people about Hitler: Rudy Giuliani is a monster. Anyone who is paying attention knows this is true.

For example, just two days ago, Giuliani urged expanding NATO to include Australia, India, Israel, Japan, and Singapore, along with "a whole group of others that we could put on that list." As originally designed, NATO's purpose was to counterbalance the former Soviet Union's influence in Europe. However, Giuliani wants to expand NATO into a "global body." He also said he wants to "redouble" the war in Afghanistan. He further said the U.S. should consider the possibility of a "large war with a nation state." So, could Giuliani be planning a preemptive "large war" with other countries? One can only wonder.

Furthermore, if anyone thinks that George W. Bush is obsessed with domestic spying and surveillance, just wait until Giuliani becomes President. You can count on him pressing his anti-Fourth Amendment and anti-Second Amendment agendas to the nth degree through all sorts of executive orders and signing statements.

You can also expect amnesty for illegal aliens to be quickly achieved under a Giuliani administration, along with the completion of the North American Union and NAFTA Superhighway. Of course, this will also be the case if Hillary is elected President, except that if Hillary is leading the charge, many will oppose it; whereas if Giuliani leads the charge, they won't.

This brings up the other thing that makes a Giuliani Presidency so dangerous: the total lack of resistance that rank-and-file conservatives (including Christians) have demonstrated when Republicans control the White House. Absent resistance from his own party and from grassroots conservatives, a Giuliani administration would be left free to perpetrate radical fascist and imperialistic policies completely unfettered.

Everything about Rudy Giuliani smacks of fraud, indecency, greed, and power-lust. Even the wave of 9/11, which Giuliani is riding to the Presidential election, is fraught with duplicity. In fact, New York City firefighters are so fearful their former mayor might succeed in his quest to become President that they came out against his candidacy in a dramatic video. I urge all my readers to watch this moving video presentation. See it here.

Yes, Rudy Giuliani is a nightmare all right. But not just for liberals. He is a nightmare for conservatives, Christians, independents, constitutionalists, and for people the world over. Furthermore, Rudy Giuliani is a threat to freedom, constitutional government, the rule of law, traditional morality, and to national sovereignty and independence. As I said, Rudy Giuliani is everyone's worst nightmare.

© 2007 Chuck Baldwin - All Rights Reserved

Chuck Baldwin is Founder-Pastor of Crossroads Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida. In 1985 the church was recognized by President Ronald Reagan for its unusual growth and influence.

Dr. Baldwin is the host of a lively, hard-hitting syndicated radio talk show on the Genesis Communications Network called, "Chuck Baldwin Live" This is a daily, one hour long call-in show in which Dr. Baldwin addresses current event topics from a conservative Christian point of view. Pastor Baldwin writes weekly articles on the internet and newspapers.