Sep 4, 2007

D.C. Watch-dog that sparked ethics Investigation asks why just Craig?

Again, good question here from an honest organization that might just have triggered the Craig investigation. But note this: Why were the republicans really after Craig, but not others of worse ethics violations, such as another republican who confessed to soliciting a prostitute (a more blatant illegal act)? They wanted to remove Craig for another reason or else they would be consistent. (REAL ID opposition which the Senate might vote to annul?) Which is more obvious a crime and ethics violation, foot-tapping in a public restroom or soliciting a prostitute? We report, you decide.

Also consider this recent Post article, that another blog summarized this way. "Log Cabin republicans" run deep within the corrupt national party, and the Bush administration appointed many open homosexuals. (What would Rudy do who has a video of him cross-dressing like a transvestite on YouTube? And he could be President?!). Please do recall the ethics and moral violations make government officials vulnerable to blackmail--so this therefore involves government corruption!

Paper: Republicans Fear This Sodomite

Washington Post says the most feared "man" in our
nation's capital is a sodomite that outs Republicans

The Washington Post:
Soon, a new name will pop up on Mike Rogers's hit list. Larry Craig wasn't "the first on my list," the gay blogger says. And the Idaho senator, who announced his resignation Saturday, "won't be the last." In the coming months, he plans to post the names of "a few more" closeted Congress members on his blog, he says, all of them Republicans. There are 33 names on his published list, most of them men, 30 from the GOP. That fact reveals more about the Republicans, he says, than about him.

CREW: Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington

CREW Files Senate Ethics Complaint Against Senator Craig, Asks Why Senators Stevens and Vitter are not Held to the Same Standard

On August 28th, CREW filed a complaint with the Senate ethics committee against Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) asking for an investigation into whether the senator, by attempting to engage an undercover officer in sexual activity in a Minneapolis airport restroom, violated senate rules prohibiting ?improper conduct which reflects upon the Senate.? Shortly thereafter, the Senate Republican leadership echoed CREW?s call.

On September 1, 2007, Republican leaders forced Craig to resign as a result of the scandal, but remained silent in the face of Sen. David Vitter?s (R-LA) similar misconduct. In July, Sen. Vitter admitted to the crime of soliciting a prostitute, but has received support rather than condemnation from his Republican colleagues. Although CREW also filed an ethics complaint against Sen. Vitter, but the Senate Select Committee on Ethics has not acted on it.

CREW also wonders why Senate Republicans who were so quick to disassociate themselves from Craig have remained supportive of Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK), who last month had his house raided by the FBI in the course of a bribery investigation. Because of the ongoing criminal investigation, CREW called for Sen. Stevens to step down from his position on the Appropriations Committee, where he controls the Department of Justice?s budget. The Republican conference demurred.

For consistency?s sake, Senators Stevens and Vitter should both be subject to ethics committee investigations and forced to give up their committee assignments pending the outcome of those investigations.

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