Sep 4, 2007

Neoconservative or Conservative? CATO Sorts out Republicans

West Virginia republicans and conservatives need to come to terms that the Bush administration is vastly different than Reagan's, that neoconservativism is not conservative, and that the entire party has been infiltrated by a new cabal and wing with roots on the left (as far left as Trotsky whom they revere), and hijacked.

The principles of the party are now vague, obscure, and defined only by a very broad tent which circles the wagons whenever criticism comes and "the leadership" (?) decides, whether right or wrong. (Hope springs eternal, however, the Illegal Immigration bill, the REAL ID and North American Union issues, are highlighting just who the RINOs are, and Bush and Cheney are now being "bashed" by thoughtful republicans, escaping the "leftist" brand hurled at past critics).

What are republican's true principles anymore? This is why Taxpayers and Constitution parties were started and a large percentage refuse to vote--passive disgust or principled dissent (Bush vs. Kerry, two Yale Skull & Bones CFR loyalists, was not a choice)--in Presidential elections. (Hint: Bush won by less than 24% of the eligible voter population, and this is "representative government"? Representative of very limited choices!). That is until this season where now a candidate who will actually defend and uphold the Constitution (threatening an overthrow of the long errant "establishment" democrat and republic anarchy, through meek suggestion), and it should not be missed just how much enthusiastic attention this has gotten, despite the efforts of ostracism and outright censorship at the beginning (Yes, the "conservative" Daily Mail did not list him in Presidential online poll, but listed unregistered Fred Thompson, and other less known candidates--deliberately!). Yet, like the local Don Surber (who is as interested in sports and entertainment as politics), any candidate who actually follows the constitution (and has a Congressional record to prove his trustworthiness on a conservative record), is treated like a traitor (or subject to other ad hominim attacks), because the New Republicans HATE the Constitution (an obstacle to their not so conservative desires), although they will not express it quite so nakedly. (Sure they defend the 2nd amendment, but impugne the 1st on speech and impose Romanist-Evangelical fake, ecumenical, symbolic Christianity--not biblical--as the national religion, despise 4th amendment privacy, throw out the 5th, and ignore the 10th!) What would they do or say if James Madison, Patrick Henry, Jefferson (the father of republicanism), Ben Franklin, or Washington himself entered their meetings? Patrick Henry would wax hot against them, overturn their tables, and crack a whip across a few backs! WHAT KIND OF GOVERNMENT IS THIS....WHERE IN THE CONSTITUTION IS NOT ONLY A COMMUNIST FEDERAL INCOME TAX, OR SOCIALIST SECURITY NATIONAL INSURANCE AND ID POLICY? WHERE DID THE CIA, THE INTERNATIONAL "FEDERAL RESERVE" BANKSTERS WHO PRINT AND LOAN US MONEY AT INTEREST, AND ESPECIALLY "HOMELAND SECURITY" (GESTAPO) COME FROM?


We mentioned in a previous article that the neoconservatives had conflict with Reagan, and according to Paul Craig Roberts, assistant Secretary Treasury in Reagan administration, he fired them! There has been too much defense of a President and co-President (leading the neocon agenda) in this administration without defining the principles of the party in anything other than a few publicized issues, created largely to capture elections.

Reading beyond national talk radio is essential to objective and serious thought, for talk radio has become McMedia--plenty of fancy wrapping to capture popular attention, plenty of propaganda-based advertising, but little in nutritional value for the more thoughtful and judicious mind.

Suggestion--Republicans in particular, instead of national talk radio, should subscribe to CATO Pod Casts to regain Conservative Constitutional principles
: Here are some archived pod casts (ready to play below) from the
conservative CATO Institute, which takes the constitution seriously, and stands for traditional republican values, namely the preservation of freedom from big, intrusive, heavy-taxing, rogue-powered government, that now is in full swing. Especially do not miss "Is Hillary a Neocon?", the REAL ID issues, the Imperial Presidency, and "Who snatched the GOP?" IT IS TIME FOR REPUBLICANS TO READ AND LISTEN TO MORE CONSERVATIVE VOICES AND FOR DEMOCRATS TO RE-EVALUATE THEIR UNIVERSAL WELFARE AGENDA IN LIGHT OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW.

The Constitution is what all take oaths to defend, but like liars they break that same oath after reciting it as their "shibboleth" to gain entry to office, but treat it like a criminal would who disobeys the law because he has a multitude who will join him (the error of "democracy", which is mob law). THE CONSTITUTION IS THE LAW, AND TRULY NON-PARTISAN WHICH ALL SHOULD SEEK TO GOVERN BY, ON EVERY ISSUE, WITH NO COMPROMISE. Is that not what Americans really want--limited, controlled, tame and orderly administered government that will defend their rights and be restrained in its powers? Is that not the reason for separation of powers? Who gave any authority to political parties anyway to usurp themselves as "official" representative bodies (in a two-party tyranny) for everyone, while they do not follow the constitution?

The New (Neo-conservative controlled) Republican party has abandoned its former principles and it has been stated by astute political writers that the neoconservatives and George W. Bush have destroyed the republican party, which is now a mere form of arbitrary force without principles to stand on. The party deserves to die if it no longer stands for constitutional principles, and it can be proven that the party has become more like the democrats (remember Clinton introduced the New Democratic party), which is why BIG GOVERNMENT OWNS US, as was highlighted in a Gazette article recently.

It is evident that the Neo Republicans disdain the Constitution by the "establishment" republicans distancing themselves (and ostracizing) Ron Paul, who is campaigning on nothing less than restoring the Constitution (from the two-party anarchists who "swear to uphold it", but lie)--the oath of office! If republicans want to lead the country into the final loss of freedom, Bush government has done the most (since Lincoln, Wilson, and Roosevelt) to destroy it. If both parties want no constitutional adherence to supreme law THERE WILL BE NO

Time to wake up and to restore Constitutional government against the present course if "Mountaineers are always free" will be more than a forgotten slogan, that may as well be in Latin again. Unless of course you want to be part of a North American Union in the jigsaw puzzle toward world government where the U.S. loses sovereignty and West Virginia becomes a mere puppet state.

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