Sep 5, 2007

Texas Republican Straw Poll - Ron Paul delegates Suppressed

It is clear that the "establishment" republicans are AFRAID of Ron Paul, who has genuine enthusiastic grass roots support. The republican establishment is afraid to give fair election process, so they change the rules, and corrupt it, and it is no coincidence that the entire republican operation throughout the country have made major shifts to influence and control the outcomes of their primaries. An example of the corruption and ruthless tactics is here below.

More here on what the GOP establishment did:

Ron Paul Finishes Third in Texas Straw Poll behind Fred Thompson and Duncan Hunter

Atlanta, Ga. 9/4/2007 3:20 PM GMT (FINDITT)

Ron Paul finished a disappointing [editorial slurr] third in the Texas Straw Poll after Duncan Hunter and recently announced Republican candidate Fred Thompson received more votes that the congressman.

Hunter, a congressman from California, managed to get 534 votes while Thompson received 266 votes, 49 more than Ron Paul.

Many of the Paul supporters who traveled to Fort Worth for the Texas straw poll left frustrated after the results were announced on Saturday. Ron Paul clearly had the advantage in supporters but the straw poll was set up in a manner that restricted voting to individuals who have been delegates or alternates at recent Republican conventions.

A very close third is not "disappointing", given the tactics used. So where was Willard Milton Romney or Giuliani? That is disappointing, embarrassing no? Of course they would not do well in Texas. The above restrictions, along with the utter deceit and corruption below, show further how Fred only beat Paul by 49 votes, while the other front runners did not even show. Again, with all this, clearly Ron Paul is a contender, as the consistency of his straw polls shows, per previous articles.

September 05, 2007

Fort Worth Straw Poll
Yes Ranting, the Straw Poll was set up and as crooked as any political action I have seen in years, after 50 years of being a Republican I can honestly say I am ashamed of my association with that group. This Poll has all the earmarks of a Fascist Regime and a staged event to discredit only one man. Ron Paul. His people from San Antonio had registered online and gotten a receipt saying registration at 10 AM. The busload was there but the registrars grabed their paper work and left the tables at exactly 10 AM saying the registration ENDED at 10. They refused to allow that busload of folks into the voting area. YET... just a few moments later another group showed up that were not Paul supporters and were ushered in by the back door. Yes that was documented and photographed.

Tyranny at the Texas Straw Poll Ron Paul

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