Sep 17, 2007

The Israeli Bias: "Radical Zionism" commits atrocities; government and media silent

Just who is being "wiped off the map"?

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"Radical Islam" and middle eastern states are blamed for all "atrocities" as justifications for war by talk shows from Sean Hannity to the local Michael Agnello. Yet when Israel commits PROVEN abominable crimes against innocent civilians, it never gets mentioned by mainstream media or these same pundits, or is oh so carefully reported, to diminish or excuse the truth. Why? Where is the "moral obligation" when atrocities are committed by the Zionist regime? Why are they un-reported? Because you will not hear the Zionist neoconservatives fire up the propaganda machine, nor will William Kristol or James Woolsey be interviewed then, for whatever Israel does is either "justified" or "self-defense". This is pure propaganda and lies, and an insult to plain observation. There is no Bridgette Gabriel to rail on talk radio on behalf of innocent Palestinian victims, only spurious tales of "Islamo Fascism". Is the blood of Palestinians of less worth than the blood of Israeli's? (This is what Jews and Zionists believe and enact in their racist policies, but you will not hear apartheid mentioned in this case). Where is the "moral outrage" to intervene here against "cruel monsters" and "cut-throats"? "An unjust weight is abomination to the Lord", Solomon wrote, and the scales of Justice are greatly tilted to one side!

Dare read this for yourself, and begin to examine the Real Israel, the unreported one, the corruption of its infallible "democratic" government, that has no constitution, and no legally defined borders, (convenient for an expansionist agenda of a Greater Israel), and possesses WMD without complying with Nuclear Non-proliferation Agreements. Talk about "rogue government"! Pray tell us, where is the justification for this brutal, torturous massacre of Palestinian civilians below! It is clear just who controls government and media by the atrocities you do not hear about, as well as the ones you do.

Radical Zionism, through the neoconservative administration and Pentagon, is in control of the war policy that follows the blueprint of the Project for a New American Century (see "neoconservatives" tag for previous articles). It's time for the Real Israel to be laid bare, as well as for other propaganda to be exposed, and it is not pleasant to do so.

First, this article written for the anniversary of a noteable proven massacre, the blood of the victims still crying up to heaven for justice. This is Zionist Fascism, that is blatantly racist against and brutal toward Palestinians.

Written by Sonja Karkar
Monday, 17 September 2007

It happened twenty-five years ago – 16 September 1982. A massacre so awful that people who know about it cannot forget it. The photos are gruesome reminders – charred, decapitated, indecently violated corpses, the smell of rotting flesh, still as foul to those who remember it as when they were recoiling from it all those years ago. For the victims and the handful of survivors, it was a 36-hour holocaust without mercy. It was deliberate, it was planned and it was overseen. But to this day, the killers have gone unpunished.

Sabra and Shatila – two Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon – were the theatres for this staged slaughter. The former is no longer there and the other is a ghostly and ghastly reminder of man's inhumanity to men, women and children - more specifically, Israel's inhumanity, the inhumanity of the people who did Israel's bidding and the world's inhumanity for pretending it was of no consequence. There were international witnesses - doctors, nurses, journalists - who saw the macabre scenes and have tried to tell the world in vain ever since.

Each act was barbarous enough on its own to warrant fear and loathing. It was human savagery at its worst and Dr Ang Swee Chai was an eye witness as she worked with the Palestinian Red Crescent Society on the dying and the wounded amongst the dead. What she saw was so unimaginable that the atrocities committed need to be separated from each other to even begin comprehending the viciousness of the crimes.1

People tortured. Blackened bodies smelling of roasted flesh from the power shocks that had convulsed their bodies before their hearts gave out – the electric wires still tied around their lifeless limbs.

People with gouged out eye sockets. Faces unrecognisable with the gaping holes that had plunged them into darkness before their lives were thankfully ended.

Women raped. Not once - but two, three, four times – horribly violated, their legs shamelessly ripped apart with not even the cover of clothing to preserve their dignity at the moment of death.

Children dynamited alive. So many body parts ripped from their tiny torsos, so hard to know to whom they belonged - just mounds of bloodied limbs amongst the tousled heads of children in pools of blood.

Families executed. Blood, blood and more blood sprayed on the walls of homes where whole families had been axed to death in a frenzy or lined up for a more orderly execution.

There were also journalists who were there in the aftermath and who had equally gruesome stories to tell, none of which made the sort of screaming front page headlines that should have caused lawmakers to demand immediate answers. What they saw led them to write shell-shocked accounts that have vanished now into the archives, but are no less disturbing now. These accounts too need to be individually absorbed, lest they be lumped together as just the collective dead rather than the systematic torture and killing of individual, innocent human beings.

Women gunned down while cooking in their kitchens.2 The headless body of a baby in diapers lying next to two dead women.3 An infant, its tiny legs streaked with blood, shot in the back by a single bullet.4 Slaughtered babies, their bodies blackened as they decomposed, tossed into rubbish heaps together with Israeli army equipment and empty bottles of whiskey.5 An old man castrated, with flies thick upon his torn intestines.6 Children with their throats slashed.7 Mounds of rotting corpses bloated in the heat - young boys all shot at point-blank range.8

And most numbing of all are the recollections of the survivors whose experiences were so shockingly traumatic that to recall them must have been painful beyond all imaginings. One survivor, Nohad Srour, 35 said:

"I was carrying my one year-old baby sister and she was yelling 'Mama! Mama!' then suddenly nothing. I looked at her and her brain had fallen out of her head and down my arm. I looked at the man who shot us. I'll never forget his face. Then I felt two bullets pierce my shoulder and finger. I fell. I didn't lose consciousness, but I pretended to be dead."9

The statistics of those killed vary, but even according to the Israeli military, the official count was 700 people killed while Israeli journalist, Amnon Kapeliouk put the figure at 3,500.10 The Palestinian Red Crescent Society put the number killed at over 2,000.11 Regardless of the numbers, they would not and could not mitigate what are clear crimes against humanity.

Fifteen years later, Robert Fisk, the journalist who had been one of the first on the scene, said:
"Had Palestinians massacred 2,000 Israelis 15 years ago, would anyone doubt that the world's press and television would be remembering so terrible a deed this morning? Yet this week, not a single newspaper in the United States – or Britain for that matter – has even mentioned the anniversary of Sabra and Shatila."12

Twenty-five years later it is no different.


Second is a video that shows what Jews in Israel really think of Christians (persecution is frequent there) who blindly tend to support the rogue state, in a superstitious manner, contrary to historic Christian teaching, and even orthodox Jewish doctrine, represented by Note this Jewish youth is orthodox in his hair and clothing, not western. [Warning, this video contains mature content, severe language, as the mad Israeli Jew rails against Christians and Jesus, whom he also calls Nazis].