Dec 17, 2007

House Judiciary Members Call for Impeachment of Cheney NOW!

Faced with an obstructionist leadership in the House, and a mainstream media that have forsaken their role as a Fourth Estate monitor of government abuse, three Democratic members of the House Judiciary Committee are calling on the public to demand that the Congress initiate impeachment hearings immediately against Vice President Dick Cheney.

Wexler, a six-term congressman seeking re-election, says, “I believe that there is a constitutional obligation for the Congress to hold this administration accountable, and it should not depend on what people think the impact might be on an election. The only question should be: Did Vice President Cheney abuse his powers?” He adds, “If the American people believe that the democrats are holding a legitimate inquiry into serious issues of constitutional importance, they will not hold it against them. And besides, initial polling would indicate that this is not some off-the-reservation idea.”

After all PERJURY for the purpose to initiate the war in Iraq, "fixing the intelligence around the policy" to do so, is a "high crime", no "misdemeanor".

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