Dec 1, 2007

Huckabee Flatters Giuliani, Wants to Become His VP

This scenario looks to be true. Those who support Huckabee then should see just what an unprincipled and unChristian man he is, in even praising Giuliani. Religious hypocrisy is again being used to deceive and capture the large and naive evangelical voters in order to put a worse tyrant than even Bush into office.
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Giuliani, Huckabee Emerge as Strange GOP Bedfellows

WASHINGTON — As the Republican presidential race devolves into a five-man free-for-all of sustained attacks and sharp rejoinders, one pair of candidates, Mayor Giuliani and Michael Huckabee, has avoided direct conflict, exchanging more compliments than criticism.

The comments only add to the perception that even as he rises in the polls, Mr. Huckabee is angling for the vice presidential slot on the Republican ballot, should Mr. Giuliani win the nomination. As an affable Southerner with a solidly conservative record on social issues, Mr. Huckabee could provide precisely the kind of geographic and political balance needed for a ticket topped by an occasionally abrasive New Yorker who supports abortion rights, analysts say.

Ayres, said Mr. Huckabee was an "obvious" potential running mate for Mr. Giuliani. "The mayor is going to need a social conservative on the ticket or someone that appeals to social conservatives to unite the party,"