Dec 26, 2007

Oil Prices Jump on "Geopolitical Issues"--Calculate Your War Tax

Oil "prices have risen 55 percent this year"! You are paying a war tax at the pumps. Gas prices were 1.50 per gallon in 2003 pre-Iraq invasion, and even 2.09 last year at this same time, compared to 3.09 today.

CALCULATE your personal war tax for yourself by comparing just the increase in gas prices versus last year at this same time. Example: If you fill up 4 times per week, at 12 gallons per fill up, you are paying an additional $48 per week, over $200 per month, and over $2400 per year on gas versus last year! How does that compare to any pay increases? What has that done to your discretionary income, and potential spending in the economy? Is it any surprise that due to gas prices alone a recession is threatening?

The war is not only increasing the national debt, but also killing the economy and robbing Americans through gas prices, energy costs (home heating) and fuel prices as well for transportation of all the consumer products (groceries to durable goods) being purchased! TIME TO WAKE UP AND CALCULATE THE COST OF WARS BEING WAGED THAT ARE NOT EVEN WARS OF SELF DEFENSE!!

Are Americans now willing to consider changing the neoconservatives' war policy?
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Oil Rises After Report Turkey Attacked Kurdish Rebels in Iraq

Dec. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Crude oil rose for a third day in
New York on concern shipments from Iraq may be disrupted after
the Turkish military attacked bases of Kurdish rebels in
northern Iraq.

Turkish planes bombed an area of Iraq near Turkey's border
to attack Kurdish rebels, Agence France-Presse reported
yesterday, citing an unidentified Iraqi-Kurdish security
official. Iraq exports crude oil through its northern pipeline
to Turkey.

``That has made the market nervous,'' said Tetsu Emori, a
fund manager at Astmax Futures Ltd. in Tokyo. ``Geopolitical
issues are still out there keeping the upside risks intact.''

Prices have risen 55
percent this year.