Dec 14, 2007

Iowa Debate: GOP Candidates Awake to Economic Crisis--Sort of

Note Fred Thompson's quote. Almost sounds like Ron Paul doesn't he? But they offer no concrete proposals as does Ron Paul and their cheer leading for "optimism" (e.g. blue-blood Romney) is a denial of the severity of the problem that Americans already realize. Ron Paul offers the real solution, to eliminate the Income Tax cut the Federal government back to Constitutional limits and stop excessive spending particularly on a trillion dollar war policy. At least Thompson has acknowledged the truth, while hedging on solutions. So republican voters should bear this in mind as an issue that is as equally important now as the war.
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In a debate that did not address hot campaign trail topics
like the Iraq war and immigration, the Republicans found plenty
of room for agreement on the need to rein in federal spending,
bring down taxes and achieve energy independence.

The focus on economic issues gave the candidates a chance
to lay out already published plans to ease growing public
worries about the economy and reduce a federal debt they said
was becoming a national security threat.

"Our country has a $9 trillion debt. A good chunk of that
is owned by China. We're bankrupting the next generation,
without any question," said
Fred Thompson, the former Tennessee
senator and Hollywood actor.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who has fallen
behind Huckabee in
Iowa polls after leading for months, said
the future was bright and the country's leaders should not
"wring their hands."

"We need leaders up in Washington that will rein in
excessive spending," he said.