Apr 1, 2007

9/11: BBC Announces "Collapse" of WTC7 while still standing!

There is no logical or rational explanation for this very embarrassing discovery of their live coverage on 9/11, except that someone told them, well in advance, that the WTC7 "Solomon building" had "collapsed", while it is plainly still visible over the reporters shoulder! Therefore, the collapse was both timed and known in advance, as well as having all the observable elements of controlled demolition.

Further, this video shows how the propaganda machine went into full gear, how Bin Laden's name is floated, without evidence, while yet other facts were not carried in U.S. media, such as that the motive had to do with Israel being supported by the U.S., and that Bin Laden was a former CIA asset. Finally, in their analysis, they maintain that it could not have been done by a small terrorist rogue group, but had to be "state sponsored", yet it was irrational to believe any state would attempt such against the U.S.. All good questions, that cast doubt on the official story immediately, largely unseen by American audience.