Apr 29, 2007

Jose' Padilla--Another Example of the Terror Hoax

The article below sums up the situation fairly well, while the disaffected but still too gullible public entertains themselves while a phony "war on terror" continues to be propped up in the people's minds by baseless and false accusations where allegation and repetition (ad infinitum) equals truth. It is long time for all to watch the government attempt to present evidence to substantiate its claim of Padilla being involved with 9/11 and attempting to setoff a "dirty bomb". All the media should be held accountable for their headlines, and the Bush administration for its propaganda and assertions which have as much credibility as "WMD" in Iraq.

Where's the Beef?

Padilla and the Zucchini Prosecution


The only thing keeping Padilla in jail is the 9-11 hysteria which still lingers throughout the country. If the administration hadn't figured out how to exploit people's fear of terrorism, Padilla would be a free man right now. Instead, he faces life behind bars on charges that are just as unclear now as they were when they were first made.

The government has dropped all charges that Padilla is a "dirty bomber" or that he was planning to blow up apartment buildings in the US. In fact, they've changed their story completely. Now they're charging Padilla as a material witness in a "conspiracy to murder, kidnap and maim". They say that he is part of a "North American support cell that's part of a vast international movement of foot soldiers, recruiters and financiers who foment violent jihad around the globe."

It sounds creepy, but where's the proof? In 5 years, the government hasn't produced a shred of evidence that Padilla is guilty of anything....