Apr 12, 2007

The Security-Industrial Complex; Profiting from "Terror" Propaganda

Aint it the truth, American's constitutional rights (4th ammendment privacy; 10th ammendment state's rights; 2nd ammendment arms rights, etc.) are being sold by corporate security industry, and state and local governments are buying it hook, line, and sinker.  Thus the "war on terror" is bolstered by those who profit, in an increasingly lucrative industry.  Paranoia and propaganda is thus supported because its profitable.  Thus Americans are actually paying for the demise of constitutional government and the precious bill of rights.

The Security-Industrial Complex

Paul Craig Roberts / LewRockwell.com:
The War on Terror is a marketing campaign for security industries and terrorism experts. The latter are pulling in the consulting fees, and the former are rapidly inventing new products that enable "our" government to watch our every move and to know our location at every moment. Although it should be working on its corporate ethics, BAE Systems is working on an "Onboard Threat Detection System." The system consists of tiny cameras and microphones implanted in airline seats. The Onboard Threat Detection System records every facial expression and every whisper of every passenger, allowing watchful eyes and ears to detect terrorists before they can strike. BAE says its system is so sophisticated that it can differentiate between nervous flyers and real terrorists.