Apr 25, 2007

AN OPEN LETTER TO THE HISTORY CHANNEL; General Sherman's Atrocities and War Crimes

Recently Bush compared himself to Lincoln in the news. There is actually much truth to that statement, but not in the sense that most government-schooled Americans would recognize, as some more recent sources have noted:

"Some historians say Mr. Bush seems captivated by Theodore Roosevelt, who grabbed more power for his office than any other president since Abraham Lincoln."
--New York Times, 1/1/02

"George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt never claimed war powers close to what Bush is claiming"
--Bruce Fein, Constitutional Scholar, Deputy Attorney General, Reagan Administration

It is necessary to understand the Real Lincoln in order to see the just comparisons with George W. Bush and the so-called war for 'enduring freedom' to "rid the world of tyranny". It is long past time for all to be re-educated and awakened. Indeed the U.S.S. Lincoln was the symbolic battle carrier chosen to be the flag vessel to launch the Iraq war.

The truth of history is something not to be trifled with, and the history of unjust wars and brutal wars for "democracy" and "emancipation" began under Lincoln, and by his psychopathic General "Burning" Sherman. Read the facts here, from a historian and author, as he sets the record straight to the History Channel, which the public is not taught by the Government schools. Imperialistic wars for "democracy" began in 1860, and cost the lives of over 623,000 Americans, more than all other U.S. wars combined! But ne'er a word about this, except to glorify it all through propaganda and fiction the poured out of Northern presses during and after the very uncivil War which trampled States rights and setup a Federal despotism by pure force.

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Subject: Program: Sherman's March April 23, 2007

To the Damn Yankee liars and propagandists at the History Channel:

Never in my more than sixty years of life have I started a letter with
such an ugly salutation; never has a recipient so richly deserved such
an opening! You falsified, deleted, and skewed data to change Sherman
from the most heinous general in American history into a great United
States hero. This was nothing short of criminal!

My latest book,
A General History of the Civil War, the Southern Point
of View
, is over five hundred pages long and does not focus on
Sherman. However, it contains the following facts about Sherman. It
would be easy for me to write over five hundred pages on the man I
describe as, "The closest thing we have in the American experience to
Attila the Hun." It is not creditable to believe that your researchers
didn't know the following facts; I am appalled that you presented none
of them!

As the United States Army was leaving the burnt city of Atlanta, they
unlimbered their artillery and fired into the city. There were no
Confederate forces there, only civilians. That wasn't war; it was murder!

Not once did you mention the hundreds of Southern civilian,
non-combatants, who were murdered by United States Forces.

Not once did you mention the wanton, brutal, rape of women both white
and black by United States Forces.

You tried to justify Sherman by speaking of the "cruelties of both
sides." There is no comparison between the mass inhumanities inflicted
by the United States Army to the feeble retaliation the Confederate Army
could marshal.

You didn't tell how Sherman and his officers stole themselves rich. An
officer of Sherman's staff said, "Sherman had stolen enough gold in
Georgia to start his own bank."

You didn't tell that Sherman refused a request by his cavalry leader to
go to Andersonville and remove the United States captives there.
Following the war the United States made much about the suffering and
death at this camp. However, all the deaths from the time of his march
to the end of the war are on Sherman's head!

You did tell that Sherman welcomed military age slaves to go with the
United States Army. You didn't tell that Sherman sold the slaves back
into "slavery" as substitutes for Northern civilians that didn't want to
place their lives in danger in the United States Army.

You didn't point out that Sherman's hordes burnt and stole everything,
leaving nothing for masters or slaves to eat. The United States Army
stole during the day; starving slaves stole from the army during the
night. Most slaves followed the United States Army because they were
without food. You did admit that Sherman hated the Negro. You did admit
that Sherman ordered the bridge destroyed so the starving slaves
couldn't cross the river. You omitted the fact that when the slaves
attempted to swim the river, the United States Army lined the shore and
"shot their black, bobbing, wooly heads." A war to free the slaves in deed!

You didn't tell of Yankees setting a hospital filled with Confederate
wounded on fire and burning Southern soldiers alive!

You didn't tell of churches being desecrated, burnt, and preachers,
priests, and nuns murdered!

You continued the United States government's lies about the causes of
the war. That is to say, the war was started by the South (making our
ancestors the evil villains) and that the war was about slavery. Lincoln
started the war and Lincoln said repeatedly, this war is not about
slavery. You tried to justify the unjust war and Sherman at the same
time. What an odious crime you have inflicted on the American people.

You have also damaged the History Channel's credibility! Now when I or
any informed person watches a program we will always wonder if we are
getting the truth or false, lying propaganda. By presenting corrupt
history, your channel has become corrupt!


Gary C. Walker

3747 New Spring Branch Rd. S. E.

Roanoke, Va. 24014