Apr 17, 2007

Virginia Tech Shooter's Girlfriend Identified; Official Story appears credible, but politically abused

This blog below is well documented, sums up the first victims and the shooter quite well, consistent also with mainstream sources, but checked from another angle closer to campus. 
This official story appears true so far, they now finally having identified the shooter (who shot his face off, disfiguring), and having finally revealed the murder weapons (apparently waiting for BTF analysis).  UNLIKE THE DC SNIPER STORY THE EVIDENCE IN THIS APPEARS REASONABLE AND SUSTAINING.  The "explosion" caught on cell phone video, however, has not been explained either.  The shooter apparently was a student on campus, wrote alot, and his family has not been interviewed.  (Not to be confused with another well-armed Asian student who others falsely labeled, who makes an excellent argument now for permitting guns on campus for self defense, which would have prevented the slaughter of the unarmed).  The only questions remaining are the shooter's adeptness, accuracy in firing, and rapid loading, with a recently purchased pistol (March 13th, Glock 9mm is standard choice by experts for training), and motive for taking out so many in the engineering building, and German classHe dressed as if going to war, and a premeditated fashion.  He was on a mission.  He was proficient in the weapons use, and was definitely literally "mad" about something bigger than just loss of girl.  After checking these Professors had no links to Defense contract work (the recent DARPA projects at VT or others), and the other Prof was German language instructor.  (One wonders why he entered a German language class.  Typically only crazed Jews do violence due to holocaust indoctrination and fanaticism, against Germans and/or Christians, like at Columbine or the Alabama church serial arsons.  Motive must derived to answer this important question). 
Bush's grandstanding (particularly the feigning of non-existent emotions, of one who has been documened in lies and deceit to the American people and Congress) is suspicious (and mentioning of gun laws), but perhaps using the event for his own political agenda.  There is alot of gun legislation that has expired or is pending, that this event could be used toward an unconstitutional agenda. 
Still, saw no need to shut down Gonzales hearings for a university incident (this used to be handled as local routine police work by State authorities, size of incident does not change the jurisdiction)....or flags at half staff for those who have no positions of office in government, despite the tragedy"Homeland Security" will be pushed by whatever circumstances can be made use of, planned or coincidentalBush is trying to reestablish "leadership" again based on this tragedy--like 9/11!  Has 9/11 made every incident into a national crisis?  This should not be permitted.
It also proves Americans are mathematically more vulnerable to other incidents other than "Islamo fascists" who "want to kill us all", or Dick Cheney's threat (in today's news) of "nuclear bomb in American city"--the incredible fear-mongering based upon their "catalyzing event".  If Islamo Fascists are trying to kill us, they are doing a very poor job and less of a threat than annual traffic deaths (exceed even 9/11) and typical American crimes, and acts of random madness like this.  Everything should be kept within proportion, and not blown into national fanaticism, or anti-constitutional legislation as a "crisis".
Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Virginia Tech Shooter's Girlfriend Identied