Apr 26, 2007

BUYING THE WAR: Watch the Moyer's Documentary

BUYING THE WAR: Watch the Show

Watch and see how it was openly admitted that Bush's press conference was "scripted", and pre-prepared media questions were entertained for presentation to the public! THE PRESS ARE SYCOPHANTS, AND THE PUBLIC HAS BEEN SOLD CHEAP! It is very clear the 9/11 official story and "show" was also prepared for the public, and sold as well. Watch too how the corporation's officials DIRECTLY influence news content!

Here are some previews:

See Dick. Hear Dick lie. Watch the media parrot. See the collusion of some in media. Watch a real reporter see through the hoax and fraud, yet they were over-ruled.

Watch the public get sold the lies. Watch how pressure and intimidation are used to control the media. Note that this same methodology continues to this day, and the SAME NEOCONSERVATIVE SOURCES--i.e. neocons like James Woolsey, Frank Gaffney, Bridget Gabriel (professional propagandist) of "American Congress for Truth" (not a "congress" but a neocon propaganda tank with Woolsey on board) are whom Mike Agnello solely relies on for "expertise" on WCHS Talk Radio to "educate" West Virginians into bald-faced lies and gross exaggerations!

(Bear in mind the sponsors of this show, which is also only a politically-correct "limited hangout", for 9/11 was a psycopathic hoax designed to bring a "helpful wave of national indignation" which fueled it all.)

Bill Moyers blog: Watch Video of Show recently aired