May 14, 2008

$4 per Gallon Gas Pinching Low Income Families Most--War Taxes All

$4.00 per Gallon!!

This is forcing major shifts in spending and life changes as the cost of everything goes up respective to fuel costs, not just at the pump. This is pinching Americans, especially at lower income levels, while the well off remain careless and distracted. In turn this will increase government welfare spending, and force some out of their cars completely.

All this to due dollar devaluation, due to heavy debt spending by government, printing money, to finance unjust and needless war-mongering abroad against countries that pose no threat to the U.S.. The poor suffer the most, as usual, who have the least to do with war policy, merely attempting to survive.

Stop the neocon war-mongering war policy and oil prices and consumer goods prices will fall, and poorer families will be able to sustain themselves better. Bad foreign policy effects all Americans lives and oppresses the poor the most.

Calculate for yourself the cost of war for you in gas prices:

_______ gallons per week X $2.50 (increase in gas price since 2001 when it was 1.50/gallon)
= _______ X 4.33 (wks per month) = $_________ additional monthly spending on gas since the neocon wars were started. The answer is for GAS ALONE, does not include GROCERY PRICES WHICH ARE EXTRA.

Example: If a person fills up twice per week, a 14 gallon tank, the increase is $303.10 per month versus 2001!!

Gasoline - The Difference A Dollar [Ed. or Two] Makes
For millions of upper middle class, and upper class U.S. consumers tacking on an extra dollar per gallon to the price of gasoline is no big deal, however, to the millions of working Americans who live from paycheck to paycheck the recent increase spells for financial hardship.
The Cost Of Everything Is On The Rise
A one dollar increase in the price of gallon of gasoline will effectively raise the price of everything else. Food prices are already on the rise. Inflation driven by higher energy cost will increase the cost of every good, and every service. Even when products aren't made with oil the price of oil will in some way effect the cost of that product. The cost of services are also effected directly, and indirectly by the cost of oil.
While upper middle class, and upper class Americans will chuckle at a one dollar increase in the price of a gallon of gasoline tens of millions of American families will be forced to find ways to survive.