May 13, 2008

VOTE: May 13th Primary Elections--Educate Yourself, Vote Your Conscience, Reject "Group Think"

Here are the links from the Secretary of State's Office to online SAMPLE BALLOTS by county for all registered parties and voters.

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West Virginia Primary and General Election Ballots

Find your county's candidate list or sample ballot for the West Virginia Primary and General Elections here.

The lists and sample ballots are posted for viewing using the Acrobat Reader. For information about how to download and use the free reader, see Acrobat Reader Help. If your county information is not yet available, you may request a sample from your county clerk.

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    Since every candidate must swear to defend and protect the Constitution of West Virginia and of the United States, think about who WILL defend the Bill of Rights the most, that ensures our freedoms, that we are losing!

    We can think of a few who would be better than their rivals:

    --Ron Paul (R) for President, still in race, will increase delegates for voice in national convention; strict Constitutionalist, most conservative member of Congress on taxes and gun rights, limited government, personal liberty. [McCain is a RINO neoconservative (not conservative), deceives on war hero status, does not uphold the Constitution, blindly loyal to Israel, McCain-Feingold on illegal immigration, Keating Five member, megalomaniac on war policy, CFR member (world government), wants National ID, etc.]

    --Edward Burgess for Delegate (R) St. Albans--strict Constitutionalist, activist

    --Bob Bastress for Supreme Court (D)--only expert on the West Virginia Constitution. This is important since many issues of the state could involve controversies on the State and Federal Constitutions; i.e. mandatory drug testing, REAL ID, surveillance cameras, PATRIOT ACT powers, mandatory vaccination laws, home schooling, free speech issues, a rogue Legislature and Governor that trample the Constitution(s) through laws and executive power (e.g. tables games, privacy rights, private property rights, law enforcement powers, etc.)

    --Dan Greear for Attorney General (R)--Law education, seems intellectually honest rather than partisan as top prosecutor.

    --Corey Polumbo for Senate (D)--lawyer, intellectually honest, open, admitted table games were likely not Constitutional (but voted at the end for it anyway, glaring inconsistency; better be his last)

    --ABSOLUTELY NO on Shelly Moore Capito (R) for US House of Reps--did not defend and uphold the Constitution on REAL ID, USA PATRIOT ACT, Military Commissions Act, domestic surveillance, unjustifiable Iraq and Afghan wars (for neocon regime change, not threats to US), gross overspending of tax dollars, Abramoff (convicted) recipient, Scooter Libby (convicted) supporter, partisan instead of Constitutional, lack of oversight in Page incident, little evidence of weighing constituents views contrary to party loyalty, liberal on social issues (abortion, government health care), not strict enough on 2nd amendment rights.


    --VOTE AGAINST MANCHIN FOR GOVERNOR, who does not uphold the Constitution on REAL ID (4th and 10th amendments), free speech (signed unconstitutional ethics legislation in first month; threatened, intimidated Blankenship who ran ads against him, settled out of court), violated State Constitution on table games, 4th amendment privacy rights (favors mandatory drug testing; traffic surveillance cameras across state began in late 2007), heavy taxation (WV ranked 4th in total taxes as fraction of population income, with high food stamp population, highest State gas tax, corrupt anti-constitutional casino game tax scheme; credits himself on food tax, but resisted it, forced it to be gradual only; state is rich in revenue while people are comparatively poor), is partisan instead of law and issue oriented, political ambitions over good of West Virginians, arrogant (self made inaugural parade) and extravagant (Christmas parties at state expense, Gov. Mansion remodel, new gold dome) relying on political "noble family" status while feigning "buddy", flag waver instead of Constitutional defender, uses State money for subtle personal travel (bowl games, plane trips, extensive foreign travel), cronyism for political appointees (frankly, alot of Italians in key positions of power--see Knights of Columbus; wife and brother in state positions), Knights of Columbus member (loyalty to ideology of secret society that pushes militant Roman Catholic world view toward empire; not loyal to Constitution; persecutory toward Protestant Christians and others--see oath), and WVU-Heather Bresch Affair demonstrates favoritism, political protectionism and real family values of "privileged" status.

    [These opinions are only those of the West Virginia Holler editor. Not paid for by any candidate or candidate's committees.]