May 29, 2008

Former Press Secretary Blows Whistle on Bush Administration--"Secretive" and "Compartmentalized" White House

Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan's new book is the ultimate in a trend of whistle-blowing that dares to show the American public and inside view of "What Happened" and how decisions were and are made within the Bush administration. As per our previous article on Bugliosi's new book on how to prosecute George W. Bush it is apparent that McClellan would make a credible witness on the stand.

But now the White House and other Bush loyalists are rushing to form a lynch mob (not to defend the Constitution, but a man) as if to criticize and expose what really happened in the secretive administration is some form of treason. On the contrary, how could shedding light, from a former close friend of George Bush, on the administration do any harm...if they have nothing to hide? Why not turn the lights on the inside of a White House that is very proud of everything it has done? He is now being called "self-serving", a "different Scott McClellan", and "disgruntled" employee (the type of which make the best witnesses in corrupt organizations) who is ticked off--desperate attempts to discredit a credible insider! Pardon me, but just who has been self-serving? Who is this George W. Bush that ran in 2000 on "no nation building" and "judicious use of the military" (versus Clinton's war for democracy in Bosnia, that republicans condemned justly), and as a "uniter not a divider"? And just who, pray tell, is "disgruntled" now, but George W. Bush (his former close friend), Cheney, Libby, Rove, and the rest of the "compartmentalized" and "secretive" cabal surrounding Bush in the White House? Unlike them, Scott McClellan has a conscience, and is intellectually concerned that what he calls "permanent campaigning" (i.e. propaganda) rules the White House, and may continue to do so under either party to the detriment of good government and the American people!

In particular, the propaganda to start the Iraq war, which he admits was a "war to democratize the middle east" (the neoconservative plan from the Project for New American Century, which Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Jeb Bush, and many others were apart of), and talks about a "secretive" and "compartmentalized" (like a White House within the White House) administration, with Cheney as the man "behind the curtain", who was given "broad authority" to do "whatever" needed done! With these words the fears, suspicions, observations, and conclusions of millions of Americans is now confirmed--i.e. that the Bush administration is a secretive rogue government, run by a tight knit cabal (conspiracy) that is dishonest with the American people about terrorism and war.

He defended himself here, and at length, today on MSNBC: