May 17, 2008

The Reason John McCain Stopped at St. Albans Gun & Archery

or, Why is the West Virginia GOP giving McCain a paint job?

It is revealing how naive and stupid many republican voters are when they fall over themselves as John McCain attended St. Albans Gun & Archery for a cleverly scheduled stop on his way to Kentucky. Have West Virginia republicans, and the leadership, considered his record on gun rights and the 2nd amendment? Actually, the leadership probably has which is probably why he made the stop he did.

McCain is a neoconservative, not a conservative, and his gun rights record proves it. A posting at a Huckabee site includes what appears in this clip below. Yet West Virginia republicans appear to be eager to nominate a man who is as dangerous to gun rights as was Rudy Giuliani, who as Mayor of New York City was involved a million dollar lawsuit against a West Virginia pawn shop that sold a gun that was allegedly used in a crime there --who also spoke to the NRA, until his wife interrupted with a phone call. A candidates history and track record speaks louder than his words. Is the West Virginia GOP simply giving him a cosmetic makeover? How can this be honest to the republican voters?

Obviously with this left-leaning record McCain wanted to make a quick show to the disappointed conservatives in West Virginia, most of which supported other candidates and were as upset about McCain's capture of delegates as Rush Limbaugh. Making a photo-op stop, and really to huddle with GOP leadership, at a Gun Shop was the perfect and deceitful image that was intended to be conveyed. Some of us are not fooled. Maybe if he would have walked out of this (excellent) store with a hand gun (with their excellent selection and pricing of Glocks) instead of fishing equipment it would have been more convincing (but he would have offended the left too much then).

Republicans need to consider, as even Rush Limbaugh waxed on the radio today, that the neoconservatives are not conservative at all (just as Ron Paul stated at the West Virginia GOP convention). John McCain is not a card-carrying member, but as a member of the CFR (like Cheney, Giuliani, Romney, et al, in the company of David Rockefeller) and with his legislative record (e.g McCain-Feingold, McCain-Kennedy), it is not difficult to see just where McCain stands on the Constitution and 2nd amendment rights. Is this really who republicans want to nominate, and elect? It was even Limbaugh's suggestion that the now neoconservative hijacked republican party needs to be taken back and not voting for McCain is the only way to do it. Will you merely vote on a party label, and lose your liberties? The Libertarian Party just announced Bob Barr (former republican Congressman, Georgia) and the Constitution Party has also announced theirs, so a protest vote for the democratic candidate is not even required. (You had a better choice with Ron Paul--who holding to principles refuses to endorse McCain--by far).

At any rate, it is difficult to really see the difference between McCain and the Democrats on gun rights, which this campaign stop and his upcoming session at the NRA is designed to mask, just like Giuliani attempted. It is time for republicans to see who the RINOs are and stop pandering to anyone who has been in the military and has an 'R' by their name.

(Just for the record Gun Owners of America is much more conservative than the compromising NRA on gun rights, which Shelly Moore Capito also waves around as if this means she is conservative too).

Gun Owners of America pulls no punches:

Arizona Senator John McCain is running for President (again). He has been courting various conservative leaders in his quest to secure the Republican nomination. McCain wants voters to believe that he is a conservative… but his record would certainly suggest otherwise.

Take, for instance, his record on gun rights and political speech affecting Second Amendment activists. Abysmal, wretched, and pathetic are words that come to mind.

Then … here is John Lott, writing for NRO, discussing McCain’s attempt to sell Conservatives on his gun rights credentials:
McCain has supported central portions of the gun-control agenda.
While gun-control groups have tried for years to register the names of gun owners, McCain’s legislation helps accomplish this by effectively requiring the registration of all people who attend a gun show.

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