May 15, 2008

U.S. House Blocks War Funding--Congress Stands Up

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U.S. House Blocks $163 Billion for Conflict in Iraq (Update3)

May 15 (Bloomberg) -- Anti-war Democrats and Republicans who
objected to Democratic tactics in the U.S. House defeated a
measure to provide $163 billion to pay for the wars in Iraq and
Afghanistan until next summer.

Lawmakers rejected the measure by a 149 to 141 vote today
with more than 130 members voting ``present.'' Many Democrats
have refused to support spending on a war that they oppose, and
Republicans opposed the legislation because the process limited
their usual opportunity to offer alternate legislation.

``This is a $200 billion spending bill in which Republicans
were shut out of the process,'' said Republican Tom Davis of
Virginia, who voted present.

Some anti-war Democrats cheered, shouting, ``The war is

The government has enough money to pay for the war through
July under current law

Democrats knew before the vote that many in their party,
including Pelosi, would vote against the war funding.

Good! Unjust and anti-constitutional undeclared wars have no obligation to be funded. Bring the troops home with the budget in place.

Congress is a separate and equal branch of government with the Executive, not its foot stool.

Meanwhile, however, the Executive Branch is sending more troops, and battle wagons, to the Middle East:

Reagan, strike group preparing to deploy 14 May 2008 More than 7,000 sailors will leave home next week when the Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group deploys from San Diego for a scheduled deployment to the Western Pacific and Persian Gulf regions. The seven-ship naval force, led by Rear Adm. James Wisecup, commander of Carrier Strike Group 7 in San Diego, will leave next Monday, Navy officials announced.