May 29, 2008

Pat Buchanan: Bush is "Woodrow Wilson on Steroids", Unnecessary Wars for Democracy

About McClellan's book that blows the whistle on the Bush administration's propaganda to start war, conservative republican, and former Nixon press secretary, Pat Buchanan says "everything we (who were in opposition) thought about the war was true". He contends that McClellan's testimony in book form proves that the Iraq war was a "war for democracy" in the middle east and that Bush was like "Woodrow Wilson on steroids" (the democrat who threw the U.S. into the European theater of World War I claiming to "make the world safe for democracy). This is of course is the neoconservative agenda that we blog about so much here to call to the public attention and is an indictment of their dangerous war-mongering ideology.

This is powerful analysis, and rebuttal to Bush loyalists and sycophants, largely defending McClellan (and his motivation to clear himself, who had been used as a pawn) from a conservative republican viewpoint. Buchanan also alludes to all this in introducing his new book about World War II, The Unnecessary War, which is sure to stir up some much needed controversy and public re-evaluation.

(This interview from MSNBC below takes awhile to get into the meat, but well worth hearing).