May 6, 2008

Iraq Officials Counter US Claims of Iran Arming Militants

First the neocon propaganda about Iran possessing a nuclear weapons program was refuted by the latest NIE report (which actually Cheney got revised to say that they used to, after a year's work of gerrymandering it).

Now the latest propaganda (as Pat Buchanan exposed, in our article below), parroted by Patreus in Congress recently, is that Iran is arming extremists in Iraq (which John McCain mistakenly said was Al Qaeda, until Lieberman corrected the official propaganda for him), is being challenged by the newly installed and "free" (puppet) Iraqi government, using three words: "No conclusive evidence".

To paraphrase, the Iraqi official statements in this story are rather blunt, if you read it all, and could be summarized like this:
"Do not push us into conflict with Iran just because "some parties" (i.e. the US neocons and Israel) want a war. We are neighbors and sovereign countries. It is between us. Back off the propaganda--and butt out!"

Iraqi official says Iran arms evidence not conclusive

BAGHDAD - A top Iraqi official said Sunday there was no conclusive evidence that Shiite extremists have been directly supplied with some Iranian arms as alleged by the United States.

Al-Dabbagh was commenting on talks this week in Tehran between an Iraqi delegation and Iranian authorities aimed at halting suspected Iranian aid to some Shiite militias.

Asked about reports that some rockets made in 2007 or 2008 and seized in raids against militias were directly supplied by Iran, al-Dabbagh replied: "There is no conclusive evidence."

The U.S. accuses Iran of financing and training Shiite militants in Iraq and of funneling lethal weapons into the country. Iranian officials have denied the allegations.

"We are fed up with past tensions that we have paid a costly price for because some parties have pushed Iraq (in the past) to take an aggressive attitude to Iran."