Oct 18, 2007

Conservative Ret. Marine Major and Neocon Critic Scott Ritter to Speak at WV State Univ.

A Conservative versus the Neoconservatives who puts honesty above partisanship.

Everyone, especially republicans, need to hear what this experienced veteran has to say about the neoconservatives, the Israeli Lobby, Iraq, Iran, and America's new Homeland Security government. Great opportunity to listen to someone who has great experience in UN weapons inspections and military foreign policy.

October 25: "Preventing Fascism at Home at Imperialism Abroad"

A Seneca 2 Forum featuring author Scott Ritter. 7:00 PM at the WV State University (Institute, WV) Student Union and co-sponsored by WVSU Political Science Dept. Scott Ritter had an extensive and distinguished career in government service. A retired Marine Major, he served under General Schwarzkopf with the US Central Command headquarters in Saudi Arabia. He spent 12 years as an intelligence specialist in the US Marine Corps and joined UNSCOM in 1991. He resigned in August 1998 citing US interference in the work of the inspections. Ritter is the author of six books. Free to the public and free parking on campus.

Below is a TIME article where he was named their PERSON OF THE WEEK.

Person of the Week: Scott Ritter

Former inspector Scott Ritter, center, speaks at the Iraqi National Assembly

Never mind the naysaying European heads of state, the anxious Arab leaders or the skeptical senators — the unkindest challenge to President Bush's plans to take out Saddam Hussein this week came from erstwhile true-blue American hero Scott Ritter. Familiar to Americans as the rock-jawed Marine intelligence officer who stood up to Saddam's bullies in 1998 while serving with the UN inspection team, and got himself singled out for expulsion even before UNSCOM was withdrawn, Ritter was back on America's TV screens this week, but with a dramatically different message: President Bush had no proof of any new weapons of mass destruction threat emanating from Iraq, Ritter says, and he was lying to the American people to get them to go to war. Once a favorite guest of hawkish Republicans who regularly invited him to testify at congressional committees about the dangers of turning a blind eye to Iraq's weapons programs, this week Ritter was instead addressing the Iraqi legislature, decrying his own country's claims — and warning that readmitting inspectors was the only way to avoid a war.