Oct 22, 2007

Florida GOP Debate: Fred Compares Rudy to Hillary; Ron Paul Wins FOX Poll Again


RON PAUL'S INTERVIEW AFTER HE WIN'S WITH 35%...FOX Hannity in shock again! He refutes the unjust charges of poll "spamming" (which is not possible via FOX's cell poll system) and compliments FOX's good audience. Hannity begins to smile (if you see the video) because Paul is making rational arguments, and his genuine support is irrefutable.

Listen to the FOX "Spin Room" portion in PODCAST HERE

Who won the Florida GOP Debate?

Ron Paul - 34% - Winner
Mike Huckabee - 27%
Rudy Giuliani - 11%
Mitt Romney - 10%
Fred Thompson - 9%
John McCain - 5%

Read it and weep Don Surber. Fred needs some help. Meanwhile the spin is a "Florida focus group" says Giuliani won. He was way behind Huckabee! Did Huckabee "spam" the polls too? He is never charged is he? There is not even consistency in their baseless arguments, only bias assertions.

ARE NOT THE MEDIA MANIPULATING THEIR AUDIENCES INSTEAD OF REPORTING THE TRUTH? IS THE MEDIA NOT DELIBERATELY MANIPULATING PUBLIC OPINION, WHEN POLLS DO NOT SHOW WHAT THEY WANT? Like we stated before, 'FOX distorts, won't let you decide!' Spin...spin...spin as they might, the truth cannot be entirely drown out. Maybe the parties should listen to what Americans are really saying, and beginning to listen to, instead of their own propaganda and that of the party elitists. Does America really have "free elections" or "free press" when all this goes on?

The republicans see how Ron Paul is getting attention for limited government and constitutional views (as if the oath of office does not make them swear to it) and now they debated who was the most conservative, while Ron Paul is!

FRED SLAMS RUDY: Fred Thompson compares Giuliani's positions to those of Hillary Clinton--accurate and priceless! (Listen to it in the podcast above). But Fred is a hypocrite, just another CFR republican himself parroting the neocon script.

Then read this to see just how much both media and republican party do not want you to decide, but manipulate and stack the audience, polling, and all other means possible against Ron Paul. Yet his support keeps growing!

Fox News 'Stacked the Deck' at Latest Debate?

Sunday, October 21, 2007 - FreeMarketNews.com


Was the anti-Ron Paul fix in? GOP Jeffersonian conservative presidential candidate Ron Paul signaled that he believed it probably was in a victorious, post-debate interview, pointing out that he was only allowed 1,000 audience tickets [compared to others].

While Sean Hannity (see related story) indicated that Ron Paul supporters "stacked" the cell-phone poll that showed Ron Paul won the debate, the truth may be the reverse. By placing the debate in Florida, a stronghold of the Bush/Giuliani wing of the Republican party, and by setting the rules to select a neo-conservative audience, Fox and the Republican party apparently got what it could not get in New Hampshire - an anti-Ron Paul crowd.

(See reactions at DailyPaul.com, LewRockwell.com/blog or even the posting board at such sites as MSNBC for more comments on the Fox audience composition)

Reports on the 'Net, for instance, indicate that Mitt Romney purchased the most tickets and had the most supporters in the audience, though Fox apparently never clearly stated how the audience was chosen. In any event the debate audience was hostile to Ron Paul's anti-American Empire statements and anti-war rhetoric. So was the handful of GOP voter-representatives that were gathered together to give a minute by minute reaction to the debate.

The audience scenario was in stark contrast to the larger American public that wants an end to militarism by a reported 70-30 margin. The apparently deliberate composition of the audience comes on the heels of anti-Ron Paul bias at another Rupert Murdoch media entity, the New York Post (see related story) that actually covered the recent Value Voter GOP debate without mentioning that Ron Paul came in third in an after-debate online poll.

The constant and deliberate strategies of placing Ron Paul at a disadvantage, or ignoring him altogether, are insignificant when taken alone, but, like pinpricks, add up and cause significant irritation. Nonetheless, the Ron Paul campaign has persevered; he has finished at or near the top in straw poll after straw poll; his fund raising has moved up dramatically each quarter; ridicule has given way to irritation and calculated avoidance.

Most recently, it would seem the mainstream media has ceased to emphasize the straw polls, and even the fund-raising that used to paint a portrait of a winning candidate. Instead, more and more, media "pundits" depend on mainstream polling data to marginalize Ron Paul and his constitutionalist message.

Trouble is, as Ron Paul himself pointed out last night, the polls that mainstream media is relying on still often do not even mention him as an option.

Yet the attacks continue to come; newspapers stories deliberately do not mention his successes, audiences are picked to oppose him, talk radio and TV hosts go out of their way to denigrate his points of view without ever explaining exactly what they are.

Ron Paul perseveres....