Oct 19, 2007

Putin Counters Bush Administration's War-mongering against Iran

The FAKE assassination threats did not work, and the meeting was not prevented, as the conspirators had hoped in desperation. Putin, who is even an "ally in the war on terrorism" (Bush said with Putin in Crawford, TX, while Putin was in bluejeans) knows the neocons are doing this for Israel and the neocon blueprint to intrude further into the Caspian region. He again adamantly denies Iran poses a genuine "nuclear threat" to Israel (which has nukes already). Putin is well aware of the neocons PAX AMERICANA blueprint for a "new middle east" and "global hegemony", and refuses to bow the lies being put out to justify aggression in the Caspian region, where Russia also has interests. He demonstrates his firm stand by circling the wagons, the countries of that region, to prevent the U.S. from using Caspian region countries as military bases in the event the U.S. or Israel should attack.

Now watch for propaganda against Russia to attempt to undo this very damaging message that refutes their lies and deceit, which the FAKE ASSASSINATION THREATS failed to prevent. Of course the propaganda has already begun via the headline here (typical Zionist media spin) which is rather deceitful, as if Putin is threatening the U.S. militarily, instead of merely working to PREVENT U.S. aggression into the region further.

It is also worth noting that Afghanistan has against increased in the "war on terrorism" again, as the U.S. is now increasing troops and supplies, being the first target of neocon imperialism into the Caspian region, despite that there was "no hard evidence linking Bin Laden to 9/11" (Rex Tomb, spokesman for FBI) and that the Taliban (instead of boasting) denied any involvement in 9/11 from day one! See the big picture? EVERY U.S. ACTION IS BASED UPON PURE LIES, FROM 9/11 TO IRAQ, TO NOW IRAN.
clipped from www.telegraph.co.uk

Putin favours Iran with military warning to US

By Adrian Blomfield in Moscow
Last Updated: 2:09am BST 18/10/2007

President Vladimir Putin handed the Iranian regime a welcome publicity boost yesterday when he delivered a stern warning against US military action during a historic summit in Teheran.

Mr Putin seemed eager to offer his counterpart unconditional support, repeating claims that there was no evidence to suggest Iran wanted to build a nuclear bomb.

Mr Putin also secured the vital backing of Azerbaijan in a five-nation pact by the Caspian states to prevent the US from using the region as a staging ground for military action against Iran.

Mr Ahmadinejad greeted his guest who had flown to Iran despite dubious Russian claims of a plot to assassinate him.
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