Oct 26, 2007

Scott Ritter on WV Pub Broadcast Interview--WMD in Iraq was Lie

In this short recent (for those who missed his WVSU appearance Thursday night) Oct. '07 interview Ritter describes from his own experience as UN weapons inspector, and former Marine, the lies about WMD in Iraq. He holds both Congress and the Media accountable for not challenging Bush on his false statements that led to war.

War critic, ex-UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter to speak at West Virginia State

By Beth Vorhees
Scott Ritter served for 12 years in the Marine Corps. He was a lead analyst, a ballistic missile advisor to Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf and a UN weapons inspector in Iraq from 1991 to 1998.  He was last in Iraq in 2002, before the U.S. invasion in March 2003.  Now, Ritter is an outspoken critic on US policy toward Iraq. He’ll speak Oct. 25 at West Virginia State University. First, he spoke to Beth Vorhees.

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