Oct 24, 2007

George W. Bush Biggest Spending President since 1964

Of course he could not have done this without a complicit Congress, largely by republican majority. Now suddenly we hear the 2008 candidates are "scolding" republicans on big spending, big government, while they themselves were absolutely silent, actually cheer leading, during the entire process. ARE THE NEOCONSERVATIVES AND THEIR NEO-REPUBLICANS PROUD OF THIS? Methinks they would do it all over again, and plea "necessity". The democrats make the same plea, while Americans are caught in the median and forced to bow. Had enough yet? Is the two-party system serving Americans, or the "powers that be" behind the curtain?

The source of this is Cato Institute, which like Ron Paul advocates limited, constitutional government instead of the federal Leviathan that devours taxes like water from Americans, and ravages the world militarily for its PAX AMERICANA.

Who will kill this federal monster? There is only one candidate that can be trusted. But Americans appear to want more of the same while, like the proverbial ostrich, they bury their heads in the sands of sports and entertainment. Consequences come, only taking personal responsibility to alter something prevents them.
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Bush is biggest spender
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