Oct 4, 2007

The New American offers free special edition magazine on North American Union

Excellent FREE Magazine (in pdf format) offered by The New American with a special edition on the NORTH AMERICAN UNION. This is a most important issue that is not receiving due attention by the 2008 Presidential Candidates, because none of them oppose it, except republican Congressman Ron Paul. This is being pushed by the CFR Republicans, i.e. Giuliani and Romney and Fred Thompson, who are moving toward an "American EU" and globalization. This is what the controversial immigration (amnesty) bill was all about that was pushed so hard by the Bush/Cheney administration. (Cheney is CFR).


The New American

You know that The New American magazine has always worked to keep America free and independent. The New American has made available an EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL ISSUE that pulls aside the veil of secrecy surrounding efforts to create a North American Union.

As part of this important effort to alert the American people to the danger of a North American Union, we are also undertaking an unprecedented distribution of the print version of this issue to 1 million decision makers and opinion molders nationwide. And we have completely redesigned the magazine's website.

In addition, we are making available to you a PDF download COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE!

Why did we make such a special issue of the magazine completely free? Simply put, to stop the North American Union and preserve the United States of America as a free and independent nation. It is critical that as many people as possible are warned of the threat.

ONLY YOU CAN HELP US OUT. Click here to download this special issue of The New American magazine. Read it and share it with as many of your friends, neighbors, relatives and co-workers as possible.

To help distribute 1 million print copies to opinion molders, and again ONLY YOU CAN HELP US OUT, click here to make a donation to The New American magazine. Help us spread the word about the planned merger of Canada and Mexico with the U.S.

Your generous donation can help save America.

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The Editorial Staff
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