Oct 31, 2007

Proof Gas Prices are Manipulated; 'War Tax 'and 'Inflation Tax' Drive Up Oil

The front page of Drudge Tuesday highlighted that oil crude prices have set a NEW RECORD HIGH, and that the VALUE OF U.S. DOLLAR IS AT A NEW LOW versus the Euro. Yet if you have been observant at all in the last several months you can see that this has not been reflected at the pumps....yet. How come?

I was researching this since I observed that the price of oil (per barrel crude) has gone way beyond previous records, yet gas prices have not followed. My hypothesis was that for some motive (probably political) Big Oil companies were HOLDING DOWN their prices, even reducing their own margins. I was right. Look at this. Now they will only play this game for so long, until they get what they want, or if political pressures from the "powers that be" permit them to (war drives up crude prices; public forgets about war if gas prices are good). We could be paying $4 per gallon within six months if the crude prices breaks $100/barrel!

But the 2008 Primaries will keep them down for awhile, until "their candidates" (neocon agenda on both left and right) become (s)elected. New war-mongering about Iran (because the records were made prior to the latest gulf hurricane) is directly responsible for the increase in the price of crude. The U.S. Dollar's devaluation vs the Euro is another big factor since oil is traded internationally. Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate addressing the devaluation of the dollar which Federal Reserve policy (which is not held accountable by Congress) is directly responsible for and the cause of this inflation.

Actually there is a dirty little secret which shows another motive behind the Iraq War was for U.S. dollar hegemony, since Sadam was going to switch to the Euro for trade in Iraqi oil. Do you see how the Federal Reserve (to fight their devaluation of the dollar by printing money from thin air) had a motive also in supporting not only the Iraq war, but the entire neocon plan for a "new middle east"! "The love of money is the root of all sorts of evil", and unjust wars. Here is the "invisible hand" of the Federal Reserve (the international banksters) that controls governments, while the Zionist media (fully supporting the Iran war-mongering; e.g. 60 Minutes interview was a televised Inquisition of Ahmadinejad) also cheer-leading for global democracy, help sell the war to the people.

Thus we have both a "war tax" (click on gas prices-"war tax" chart in side margin) and "inflation tax" being directly felt in gas prices, effecting the prices of most all other goods (shipping costs, e.g. groceries), and NONE OF THE CANDIDATES EXCEPT RON PAUL ARE ADDRESSING EITHER OF THESE TWO ISSUES. Wake up everyone--this is reality--or stop complaining about the price of gas if you vote for the pro-neocon war agenda candidates while continuing to ignore the rogue powers of the Federal Reserve. (See our "gas prices" tag for previous articles and analysis).

clipped from www.ucan.org

We are convinced that the refiners are intentionally limiting prices (see July 3 Commentary) to prevent public anger during a critical impending vote on the future of U.S. energy policy in the U.S. Senate (see House Resolution 969 (read text). Until 969 is decided, prices will remain abnormally low, here and nationally, for the forseeable future. Don't believe us? Just watch what happens.

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