Oct 3, 2007

REAL SUPPORT: Ron Paul's Financial Support Surges while Neocon Candidate's Declines

The support for Ron Paul is real and genuine, and very enthusiastic, and growing every time he speaks to an audience. The more who hear his message, the more support comes in. Even ABC News tonight paid attention to the growing and proven support for republican candidate Ron Paul evidenced in campaign contributions and as the candidate WHO HAS RECEIVED THE MOST FINANCIAL DONATIONS FROM THOSE IN MILITARY. ABC even had a statement for George Will saying that Ron Paul proves that you can be conservative and against the war (not pacifist, but anti-unjust and anti-undeclared war).

We have published much about this, and his track record before, including the military giving and analysis by Gun Owners of America, in previous articles. The more people learn about Ron Paul's positions (e.g. against North American Union and REAL ID, strict immigration enforcement, anti-abortion, gun rights, eliminating Income Tax, limited government, eliminating unconstitutional agencies, constitutional versus Executive war powers, etc.) the better he looks, and with a proven track record of HONESTY AND CONSISTENCY, compared to the likes of establishment candidates Giuliani, Romney and Thompson who are liberal RINOs in conservative clothing. Being a doctor he is also opposed to any kind of nationalized health care insurance programs, period, and is in a better position to reason with Americans on this issue.

Could this be why all the republican state committees are shifting their primary process of elections this year, including West Virginia? They are afraid of Congessman Ron Paul who threatens Big Government CFR republicans. Remember, Gnewt Gingrich warned that republicans would lose if they appeared to be continuing the same policies as George W. Bush, and he is absolutely right. Your choice is actually then between Ron Paul and Hillary Clinton! Ron Paul is the only candidate that offers any substantive difference, being more conservative than all of them, opposing both the neoconservatives as well as the democratic socialist agenda.

This proves again the nay-sayers, columnists like Don Surber, and pundits are wrong about their conspiracy theory that relatively few support (i.e. "spamming" online and FOX polls cannot be done and is a dishonest claim) this most conservative candidate in the race whose goal is to restore Constitutional and limited government from a long history of anarchy by both party establishments.

Here is a copy of their press release, along with more video coverage below.

Subject: Press Release: Third Quarter Fundraising

October 3, 2007

Paul Campaign Raises Over $5,000,000 In Third Quarter


ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA - The Ron Paul 2008 presidential campaign raised $5,080,000 during the third quarter of 2007. That is an impressive 114 percent increase from the second quarter.

Cash on hand for the Paul campaign is $5,300,000.

"Dr. Paul's message is freedom, peace and prosperity," said Paul campaign chairman Kent Snyder. "As these fundraising numbers show, more Americans each day are embracing Dr. Paul's message."

Ron Paul's 114 percent increase is in stark contrast to the decrease suffered by Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, and John McCain. Romney's fundraising was down 29 percent. Giuliani was down 40 percent. McCain was down 55 percent.

Paid for by the Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign Committee