Feb 19, 2008

Bush 41: "Read My Lips", McCain is True Conservative

Both Bush 41 and 43 have now have supported McCain (see previous article below), while republicans protest McCain. As we mentioned before, there is little difference between McCain and GWB or GHWB in substance, but republicans have never complained before. Just more evidence that republican party is destroyed, has no firm principles. The neocons, building largely around a blueprint for "global hegemony", and domestic Security State, under a pretense of a "war on terrorism", have seized control.

It is no longer just Ron Paul supporters that feel disenfranchised from broken platform that claims to hold to limited, constitutional government, and defense of individual liberty. Now mainstream republicans are talking about not voting, or going independent--something considered a political blasphemy until now.
What goes around....

Meanwhile Vietnam Vets Against McCain has begun a new "Swift Boat" campaign, challenging McCain's record as a "hero", much like the campaign against John Kerry.

clipped from www.cnn.com

Former President Bush: Attacks on McCain's record 'absurd'


HOUSTON, Texas (CNN) -- Former President Bush endorsed John McCain on Monday and defended the conservative record of the Republican Party's presumptive presidential nominee.

"At this critical time in history ... the United States of America cannot be allowed to falter," the 41st president said in Houston, Texas. "No one is better to lead our nation in these trying times than Senator John McCain.

"I believe now is the right time for me to help John in his effort to start building the broad-based coalition it'll take for our conservative values to carry the White House this fall," the former president said.

Bush said the criticism of McCain's record by some conservatives was "absurd" and "grossly unfair."

"He's got a record that everybody can analyze in the Senate, a sound, conservative record, and yet he's not above reaching out to the other side," he said.

Vietnam Vets Against McCain