Feb 4, 2008

McCain as President Would be a Megalomaniac

This article appeared in The American Conservative Magazine which just endorsed Ron Paul.

The "maverick" McCain appears to have changed his positions in light of personal ambitions, which also smacks of Willard Milton Romney. This formerly tortured POW (something that psychologists testify of full well leads to a corresponding pathological abuse of others in return) could become a global megalomaniac that would make Bush look like a pacifist, hard as it is to imagine. The neocons, from the left originally, will love him.
clipped from www.amconmag.com
The Madness of John McCain
A militarist suffering from acute narcissism and armed with the Bush Doctrine is not fit to be commander in chief.
there was a dark interregnum during which McCain and the media were at odds. There were shouting matches between the voluble senator and reporters over the “Keating Five” scandal and his wife’s struggle with drugs.
To hear McCain tell it, there is apparently no crisis anywhere in the world that cannot be resolved by the presence of U.S. armed forces. This full-throated, high-handed interventionism is a long way from the hard-headed realism of the young congressman who challenged the disastrous decision to send peacekeepers to Lebanon by asking, “What peace?”

Prefiguring the revolutionary Jacobinism of Bush’s second inaugural address, which proclaimed the goal of U.S. foreign policy to be “ending tyranny in our world,” McCain was straining at the bit to launch a global crusade
the U.S. will surely start new wars, and not just in the Middle East.