Feb 27, 2008

Homegrown Fascism Begins 5/11: Non-REAL ID Citizens to be Treated Like Suspects

"This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector."

- Plato

This "homegrown fascism" begins May 11th at an airport near you. After all, "membership has its privileges" and you must be a federally-approved citizen and accept the Federal "mark" to be treated like you are "free".

The new extra-constitutional Dept. of Homeland Tyranny (aka "Security") plans to "make an example" of the citizens of Maine and New Hampshire for their states' (absolutely justifiable) rejection of REAL ID. TSA will be their deployed mercenaries to harass law-abiding free citizens for their nullification of this federal legislation. What they want by this of course is for remaining state legislators and governors to be fearful of their alleged power and "consequences", and while complaining bitterly, to even reluctantly comply, as the cowardly House of Representatives in Utah just did. For a better example people should consider the open and righteous "rebellion" of the Governor and legislature of Montana (per previous article).

There should be open and public protests and lawsuits filed to stop this second-class citizen "handling", and states should join together, as republicans and democrats are together against REAL ID within the states, in securing their states' and citizens' rights by suing it out in federal court. Citizens from states that reject REAL ID should be treated as full-fledged and free citizens of the United States rather than denying, harassing, or withholding freedom of travel and government services. The federal government is outside the law when it denies citizens and states their rights, and the Constitution has not been amended otherwise.

Both REAL ID and the Dept of Homeland Security should be rescinded and abolished, being contrary to the Constitution, if Americans expect to be free indeed. It is impossible to "defend freedom" while erecting tyranny.

clipped from www.wmur.com

Rejecting REAL ID Could Mean Stiffer Security At Airports

New Hampshire, Maine Travelers May Face Secondary Security Checks
Starting on May 11, the federal government will be enforcing the REAL ID program, a set of strict rules surrounding the issuing of photo identification, such as driver's licenses. While 45 states have agreed to go along with the program, New Hampshire and Maine are among those who haven't.Residents of states that don't comply may find themselves the focus of a second screening at airports.
"Secondary screening means you'll be pulled aside for a pat down and your bags will be opened before you can get on board the aircraft," said Mark Brewer, director of Manchester-Boston Regional Airport.
Because New Hampshire has not joined REAL ID, Granite State residents will need to show a military ID or passport to avoid the second security search. Residents said they weren't happy to have to go through the additional step.
Line At Airport
A state senator in Maine (the first state to refuse REAL ID) makes a compelling argument how REAL ID would not prevent terrorism and is a burden to the people.