Feb 4, 2008

West Virginia GOP First on Super Tuesday, Ron Paul to Speak First

West Virginia's republican convention will be first to announce its nomination results on Super Tuesday. Ron Paul is scheduled to speak first, yet the very bias 58Live hosts, Rick Johnson and Mike Agnello, give almost no mention of the most conservative candidate. Local media bias and fear of objective commentary about Ron Paul, a serious contender here, is sickening and contrary to the public interest of open and honest debate.
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Most GOP Convention Delegates Up For Grabs
The four candidates hoping to grab 18 Republican delegates Tuesday include John McCain, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul.
Chairman Fish says the greatest thing about Tuesday’s convention is the message West Virginia Republicans will send to voters in more than 20 states who will be voting or caucusing as part of Super Tuesday.
More than half of the delegates at Tuesday's state Republican Presidential Convention are going into the event undecided.

Convention Chairman Bob Fish says 62 percent either declared uncommitted earlier or no longer have a candidate in the process. He says there will be 1,207 delegates in attendance.

"We will be the first state giving results on Super Tuesday," Fish said.