Feb 17, 2008

Bush: McCain is "True Conservative", just like him

There you have it. While republicans complain (justly) about McCain, he is no different than Bush in substance, but we never heard that was a problem!

Neither were the other CFR republican candidates traditional conservatives, especially Giuliani (whom Senator Vic Sprouse supported), and neither was Romney (whom the GOP state chairman supported) or Huckabee (whom alot of naive christians supported). McCain will represent well the neoconservatives that republicans have refused to criticize during the Bush administration, for he still holds to the same unjust war radical ideology consistent with the Project for a New American Century for a "new middle east" and "global hegemony".

The neo-republicans then have no just basis for criticism since they abandoned and cast off traditional republican ideology for neoconservatism. In their criticism and ostracism of Ron Paul they have demonstrated their disdain for the Constitution, limited government, individual liberty, low taxation (failing to join to abolish the Income Tax, which would be the greatest economic incentive program in American history), and still prop-up the Paternal Security State while condemning the democratic socialists Nanny State--both of which destroy "individual liberty", the forgotten plank of the republican platform!

The West Virginia GOP party corrupted itself when it adopted, under pretext of 9/11, absolute, unconditional support for George W. Bush, particularly on foreign policy and economics (abandoning limited government for now a trillion dollar budget!), rather than the Constitution or the Christian principles of limited "just war" conditions.

Republicans need to stop whining about McCain unless they see and criticize the exact same pattern in George W. Bush and the entire neoconservative agenda. McCain is no principled republican conservative, but is in the image and likeness of Bush himself. Partisan loyalty and superficial labels are self-blinding to reality and republicans should wake up to these facts.

McCain a 'True Conservative,' Bush Says

WASHINGTON — John McCain is a "true conservative," President Bush says, although the likely Republican presidential nominee may have to work harder to convince other conservatives that he is one of their own.

McCain "is very strong on national defense," Bush said in an interview taped for airing on "Fox News Sunday." "He is tough fiscally. He believes the tax cuts ought to be permanent. He is pro-life. His principles are sound and solid as far as I'm concerned."

But when asked about criticism of McCain by conservative commentators Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, the president said, "I think that if John is the nominee, he has got some convincing to do to convince people that he is a solid conservative and I'll be glad to help him if he is the nominee."