Feb 20, 2008

War Heroes ? Bush 41 and McCain in New Light

Great article from Online Journal below questions George H W Bush s endorsement of McCain and his war hero status.

It is high time to bust public perception, the 'swift-boating' of both is already in the works, just as it was with John Kerry. Perception is not reality, and Americans' gullibility must come to an end. Public trust is at stake, and wanting.

You have the link here on George H W Bush. Now see Vietnam Vets Against McCain.
clipped from onlinejournal.com

The New York Times tells us Former President Bush Backs McCain in “a
President’s Day endorsement.”

In fact, “Mr. Bush wore a blue necktie with a pattern of
little aircraft carriers running across it, and Mr. McCain noted that he and
the former president had two things in common. ‘One is that we were both naval
aviators, and the other is that we were both shot down,’ he said."

But perhaps Mr. McCain was not aware of that ugly tale from
airmen at that WW II scene when Poppy, the pilot, parachuted from his hit
Avenger torpedo bomber into the water. The plane was built to land on water,
but Bush did not choose that option. So the plane spiraled out of control and
crashed. The two-man crew who did not have parachutes went to sleep with the
fishes. Poppy went back to the carrier to write home to mom, upset.

Here’s the full story: George
Bush Parachutes Again To Exorcise Demons of Past Betrayal
In the
words of Chester Mierzejewski
"I think he [Bush] could have saved those lives