Feb 22, 2008

OBAMA UNCOVERED: A Citizen's Guide to Barack Obama

This article is worth reading in its entirety and shows just how naive most democrats are. Following the crowd led by enthusiasts is just how things are done in a society that worships "American Idol(s)". The people are so easily misled, and they love it.

"AIPAC approved" should tell you most of what you need to know. Why do you think neocons like William Kristol (founder Project for New American Century) and Bill Bennett speak highly of him? Of course Hillary was even being coached via the backdoor by Bush in order to continue the neoconservative war agenda.

READ IT and see what "change" means, and what it does not. Democrats should be as dissatisfied with their two candidates at large as traditional republicans are with McCain.

clipped from onlinejournal.com

He ain’t a saint: A citizen’s guide to Barack Obama
By Carolyn Kay
Online Journal Guest Writer

Feb 13, 2008, 00:15

We Illinois progressives sent Obama to the U.S. Senate, where he promptly joined the Joe Lieberman wing of the Democratic Party. He’s not a progressive. But he’s a master at pretending to be one. “Obama
is a company man

His economic advisers are very conservative, from the University of Chicago-Milton Friedman school of
economics. My favorite economist, Paul Krugman, caught Obama using right-wing talking points on what to do about Social Security and about his health care plan.

His voting record is pro-business and pro-war. He glorifies American imperialism. He flip-flopped on the Palestinians and Israel, and now is AIPAC-approved.

He misuses history, according to a prominent historian.

He, uh, stretches the truth.

His chief political adviser is a Daley machine strategist.

When are we Americans going to stop getting fooled and fooled and fooled again?