Mar 15, 2008

Idaho House Shoots Down REAL ID--West Virginia Should Follow Suit

Idaho makes a gesture to the Feds and Homeland Security about REAL ID, similar to what West Virginia's Senate approved recently in SB248. Unlike Governor Manchin, Idaho's governor, who originally supported REAL ID, now repudiates it!

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Idaho House Shoots Down Real ID

The Idaho House passed unanimously yesterday a bill directing the Idaho Department of Transportation not to implement the federal REAL ID Act – a decision that, if passed by the Senate and signed by Governor Butch Otter

The so-called Real ID is an unfunded Congressional mandate from 2005 for nationwide specifications for drivers’ licenses that was ostensibly intended to help protect Americans from terrorists, but it has since been opposed by more than 30 states, including Montana.

The Idaho Legislature had passed a joint memorial last year opposing REAL ID, but that bill had no force of law, while this one specifically tells ITD not to implement it and to report to the Governor and the Legislature any federal attempts to force the department to do so.

Otter was a cosponsor of the bill when he was in Congress but has since repudiated it as too expensive and an attack on civil liberties.