Mar 1, 2008

Senior Intelligence Officials Contradict Bush on Spy Powers in the Protect America Act

Finally, from the most credible sources, the fear-mongering is being proven overblown and that there is plenty of latitude within the Constitution for even domestic spying, with a WARRANT ISSUED UPON PROBABLE CAUSE, as the Fourth Amendment makes plain.

Question: If there is plenty of means by which to conduct LAWFUL domestic spying, then why does Bush government REALLY want greater latitude? The only answer is to enable spying without accountability or any record of doing so...against any citizens they want!

Now here is an article against the Protect America Act and an audio podcast on the subject that is worth hearing, making the same case, from the Cato Institute. What is clear is that President Bush is ONLY concerned about protecting the Telecoms from previous ILLEGAL domestic wiretaps. Click on the Monday, February 18th podcast entitle "Intelligence Continues to be gathered..", here.

clipped from
Bush, Congress Wrangle Over Domestic Spying
NEW YORK, 27 Feb
(IPS) -
Former senior intelligence officials are disputing claims by the George W. Bush administration that the failure of Congress to pass a new foreign surveillance law is jeopardising the country's national security.

In a letter to Admiral Mike McConnell, the director of national intelligence, the officials say 'the intelligence community currently has the tools it needs to acquire surveillance of new targets and methods of communication.'
Charging that the government's assertions to the contrary 'have distorted rather than enhanced' public understanding, their letter says, 'The sunset of the Protect America Act (PAA) does not put America at greater risk. Despite claims that have been made, surveillance currently occurring under the PAA is authorised for up to a year. New surveillance requests can be filed through current FISA law.'
The letter was signed by two former officials at the National Security Council