Mar 19, 2008

McCain Fumbles on Iran-Al Qaeda Propaganda

What he said was entirely implausible, so Joe Lieberman (I-Israel) corrected him in order to get the official propaganda straight. (Rumor has it Lieberman is on his short list for VP, which would be quite a plan for succession for the neoconservatives to continue the war for "a new middle east").

You's all the same to the dull, thick-headed American public...Al Qaeda, terrorists, extremists....just repeat those words enough and pretend you know what you re talking about. Just paint your propaganda in broad strokes John, it s all the same lies anyway. War on terrorism , jihadists , extremists, Iran evil, Israel good, blah, blah, blah.

McCain just proved he is not "straight talking" and is not even keeping the cover story for war with Iran straight.

The misstep in question occurred during a news conference in Jordan earlier Tuesday, when the presumptive Republican presidential nominee repeatedly said Iran was supplying al Qaeda. Iran is predominately a Shiite country and is not aiding the Sunni dominated Al-Qaeda.

McCain ultimately corrected himself after Sen. Joe Lieberman whispered in his ear.

"I'm sorry, the Iranians are training extremists, not al Qaeda. I am sorry," the Arizona senator said.

The DNC later sent out a transcript of McCain's interview Monday with conservative Hugh Hewitt, during which he appeared to make the same mistake.

"As you know, there are al Qaeda operatives that are taken back into Iran, given training as leaders, and they’re moving back into Iraq," he told Hewitt.

 McCain misspoke during a press conference in Jordan Tuesday.